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Guide: don't blindly choose and buy integrated ceiling, clarify your own needs, and understand the basic common sense is the most important. The quality of plate is not absolute, and the one suitable for the environment is the best; The thickness of plate is not the key, but the purity of raw materials is more important; Metal ceilings are not all environmentally friendly; Package purchase is safer and more secure. The product name is too mysterious, and fake brands, low prices, and fake experiments must be carefully selected

myth 1: metal plates are of better quality and higher grade than other plates

truth: the quality of plates is not mainly based on the material, but on the installation environment. Different kinds of panels are suitable for different environmental spaces

Myth 2: the thicker the plate, the better, the heavier the better

truth: the key to plate quality is the purity of raw materials

take aluminum ceiling as an example: high quality aluminum ceiling is light in weight, good in elasticity and toughness; Inferior aluminum ceilings are mostly made of recycled waste. Although thick, they are easy to break and have poor toughness

myth 3: metal ceilings are environmentally friendly and healthy

truth: whether the metal ceiling is environmentally friendly and healthy mainly depends on whether the raw material is raw or recycled, as well as the metal surface treatment process

myth 4: appliances and plates are purchased separately

truth: patchwork usually leads to poor installation effect, uneven surface, and no guarantee of after-sales service. It is recommended to buy the same brand of ceiling and electrical appliances

see through the tricky purchase

when buying products, consumers are often blinded by the dazzling range of products on the market and the extravagant introduction of shopping guides. At this time, remember to be rational, vigilant and preventive

fishy 1: the name is very mysterious

such as platinum plate, space silver plate, etc., the price is doubled

tricky 2: fake brand of electrical appliances

electrical appliances rely on Patchwork and are widely promoted as famous brands to raise prices, defraud high profits, and there is no after-sales guarantee

greasy 3: the price is very low

maliciously reduce the price of plates and cut corners on auxiliary materials

for example, the light steel supporting the whole ceiling should generally be about 1mm; The screw should be standard (to avoid the nut slipping, and the whole ceiling may collapse); The triangular keel should use a keel with enough clamping force (to avoid the gusset plate falling down under the condition of thermal expansion and cold contraction)

greasy 4: the experiment is very fake

the simple experiment with oil drops is misleading customers. You should know that oil pollution does not form overnight. Simply dripping it and letting it fall freely does not explain the problem





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