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Qijia class: advantages and disadvantages of plastic steel ceiling and integrated ceiling

PVC board has been eliminated from the market now, and most of them are plastic steel plates, but some parts of modern home decoration plastic steel plates have shown the phenomenon of falling behind:

1) originally, most owners would choose plastic gusset plates, including plastic steel, for ceiling ceilings because of their low prices, although some can be flame retardant, However, its high temperature resistance is poor (it is easy to deform and change color when heated for a long time), and it is not fireproof (the Ministry of construction stipulates that all important decoration projects should not use plastic buttons, and aluminum buttons should be used; many building materials supermarkets will not operate plastic buttons); Poor sound insulation effect

2) the electrical appliances in the traditional ceiling protrude outward (ceiling lamp, Yuba, etc.), which is very uncoordinated and has no sense of integrity and beauty

3) the ventilation lighting effect in Yuba is too poor. The so-called three in one and four in one can only hide people's eyes and ears. In fact, neither function can be best played

4) it is not practical. The owner cannot disassemble it at will, and must have professional workers to deal with it. If it catches up with water leakage at home or circuit inspection, it will cost a lot of money

5) the color is monotonous, the style is rigid, and the plastic steel plate is generally one color, which cannot realize multi-color, and the artistic ceiling module cannot be added to the ceiling, and the ceiling style is rigid

6) after sales treatment is troublesome. Generally speaking, there is no warranty after the plastic steel plate is installed. If there is a problem, someone downstairs or in the building materials market is looking for someone to spend money to deal with it. For electrical appliances and where to buy them, where to look for warranty? Some have no headache in dealing with after-sales problems




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