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At present, China is changing from "made in China" to "made in China smart". As a well-known national brand, Cohen kitchen appliance, an expert in the quality of kitchen appliances, integrates the top ten brands of cooking stoves, uses modern technology to guide product development, spares no effort to enhance research and development, focuses on breaking through the independent research and development and innovation of core technology, takes the development of intelligent kitchen appliances as the main direction, and allows Chinese people to use higher quality "made in China" kitchen appliances. Realize the localization of R & D and the globalization of resources, and start the brand of kitchen appliances of the Chinese people. Promote Chinese kitchen electrical brands to the world and realize the all-round development of China's economy

brand determines consumers' purchasing tendency. For durable consumer goods, what people value when choosing to buy is product power, and the important factor reflecting product power is patent. Cohen kitchen appliance, one of the top ten brands of integrated stoves and an expert in kitchen electrical quality manufacturing, as a leading enterprise in the kitchen electrical industry, adheres to corporate responsibility and continues to innovate, reshape and improve. Up to now, it has more than 200 utility and appearance new patents, which have been widely recognized and respected by domestic consumers. Recently, with its original technology and core technology, integrated stoves have again obtained the "patent certificate for the appearance design of integrated stoves", It shows Cohen's strong enterprise strength and strong product research and development ability

a small step in enterprise technological innovation will bring a big step in the development of the industry. Cohen, the top ten brands of integrated stoves and an expert in kitchen electrical quality manufacturing, has always attached great importance to the development of technological innovation. Insist on taking independent research and development as the core, brand building as the breakthrough, improving the management level as the basis, energy conservation and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources as the main line, demanding in modeling design, process level, material selection and other aspects, through the adjustment of product structure, industrial structure and market structure to achieve a reasonable layout of the industry, constantly develop patents, but also bring new impetus for change to the industry, and promote the healthy and vigorous development of the kitchen electrical industry

the future is an intelligent innovation economy, and intelligent creation will become a new wave of the world's manufacturing industry. Cohen Electric will, as always, comply with the changes of the times and consumer needs, and gradually build a more advanced independent research and development team to provide consumers with more intelligent products





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