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With the development of people's quality of life and standard, SIMM theme kitchen came into being. Compared with the previous scale customized kitchen, it can better meet the needs of different consumer groups, one-on-one service, and create your exclusive cabinet

as an emerging industry, the cabinet industry initially entered the Chinese market with imported products. Western cooking habits and lifestyles are quite different from those in China, and they have always been unable to adapt to Chinese frying. The so-called "customization" refers more to the customization of the measuring ruler. That is, the customized design and production of the kitchen according to the different sizes and house types of consumers' kitchens did not really meet the actual needs of users

with the improvement of people's quality of life, this phenomenon is more prominent. In this case, SIM theme kitchen came into being. She guides consumption according to consumer needs, and the presentation of products is closer to consumer life, which greatly meets the needs of different consumer groups in China

first of all, what is the theme kitchen? Theme kitchen is a humanized kitchen tailored to meet the different needs of consumers at different levels

theme, which means "theme and theme" in Chinese, is transliterated as sim, which is also the origin of SIM kitchen cabinet brand. Sime kitchen cabinet has been focusing on the research of user groups and operation habits since its inception. From the coffee partner developed at the beginning of the company to cream and coffee, from petty bourgeoisie to Bobo, from Qianchi Chui silver to charm, all reflect Sim's focus and Research on Chinese consumer groups. The DNA of "theme" has long been rooted in the blood of SIM people

based on in-depth research on users, SIM summarized and refined consumers with the same needs, and developed a theme kitchen suitable for eight major groups of people

in July 2014, China's first theme kitchen experience Pavilion opened in Shijiazhuang, with a 600 square meter flagship store. The design of the dynamic line step by step caused a shock to the entire industry. Six sub themes to meet the needs of different consumer classes

in December 2014, a "Xiyingmen" themed kitchen monomer store was opened with wedding as the theme, and it was launched in Shijiazhuang. With wedding shopping alliance as the channel, and wedding crowd, promotion and housewarming as the main sales objects, she subdivided the cabinet market to meet the stage needs of consumers

in May 2015, the theme kitchen of SIM manor fell to the ground, with leather sofas, luxurious wine cellars, pure solid wood boxes, and exquisite carved wall panels interpreting the solid wood kitchen into an atmospheric manor theme

secondly, theme kitchen allows consumers to quickly find products suitable for their consumption

consumers often don't know their real needs before buying. Sim's eight theme kitchens analyze consumers' needs and customize kitchen products according to consumers' stage needs, style needs and class needs. Summarize the needs of consumers through the theme, quickly locate the different needs of consumers, and find products suitable for them

there are always several important moments in one's life that deserve our celebration and commemoration. Whether newly married, promoted or moved to a new house, it brings a strong sense of joy. According to this important stage of life, SIM created the "Xiyingmen" theme kitchen. Love sea, lvluo honeymoon, pink beauty and consummation, each set of products reveals the new couple's yearning for a better life and their persistence and pursuit of love. Red candles, white silk yarn, exquisite invitations, the logo of the bride and groom, and beautiful wedding photos embellish it, making the whole kitchen full of happiness. "Today I want to marry you" a sweet confession makes the couple fall in love with the theme kitchen. "Choose a city to die old, choose a person with a white head" makes a pair of lovers destined for romantic "love sea"

SIMM theme kitchen combines the needs of the class, refines the life attitudes of five categories of consumer groups, and endows them with representative and resonant theme names, including love to cook, fast life, home ownership, delicacy, and style

there is a group of people who love life, food and cooking, and regard cooking as a pleasure of life; He (she) is willing to spend five or six hours in the afternoon to make a pot of soup. He/she cares about the healthy diet of his/her family, has a relatively stable time, pays attention to and pursues life, and pays attention to the quality and taste of life. We call such people "people who love to cook"

people who love cooking need perfect electrical appliances, functional cabinet configuration, perfect cabinet components and perfect storage and storage space. They need more functions than styles. In addition, people who love to cook work in the kitchen for a long time. The route taken by a person in the kitchen for 20 years is equivalent to running 45 marathons. Reasonable planning can save more than 25% of the walking distance. Based on these two points, sime's "love cooking" series products strictly follow ergonomics, scientifically plan the dynamic line of kitchen operation, improve the settings of six areas: storage area, preparation area, washing area, operation area, cooking area, and out of the kitchen area, control the three main functions of washing, operation, and cooking within the 1.6-meter Golden Circle, reduce unnecessary dynamic lines, and deduce China's kitchen culture into high-quality life enjoyment. If you love cooking, you will like her

with the acceleration of the pace of urban life, there are a group of busy people. For them, time is money and efficiency is life; Business travel is a high-speed railway, Internet access is a "fast experience", work "day and night", eat against the clock, and take time to pursue quality of life. Most of them are singles, newlyweds and families of three who are busy with their work and pay attention to the concept of time and efficiency. They need compact operation areas, easy to operate structures and easy to clean plates. Sime has developed a series of fast life products for it. The nano quartz plate is easy to clean and take care of, and the electric future window has a glance at the items, which is convenient and fast. The design of the basin under the stage is more healthy and clean

the "exquisite" series products developed by sim are suitable for professionals who have high requirements for delicacy, intelligence, etc., and families who have high economic strength, such as doctors, lawyers, etc. They advocate a life style of excellence, pay attention to connotation and persistent pursuit of specialty; It is to have a mature and rational understanding of life

there are also huidangjia series that meet the cost-effective class, style series that meet the middle class who pursue quality of life, new women's propositions and estates that meet the needs of stylization, and so on

finally, the theme kitchen can provide more intimate services and humanized experience

through one-on-one service, zero distance communication, 24-hour standby, SIM is 100% satisfied with providing considerate services to customers

sime provides one-to-one professional technical service personnel throughout the process from purchase in the store to on-site measurement, from design and production to on-site installation, from commissioning and detection to after-sales maintenance. At every detail and every docking, SIMM will keep a zero distance from you, strive to reduce the error to zero, and ensure fast, efficient and perfect quality. Whether pre-sales or after-sales service, SIM "e; Nanny style "e; The service team always adheres to the 24-hour service post to solve your needs at any time. Sincere service, perfect, think what customers think and need, nanny warm-hearted service makes you 100% satisfied

theme kitchen is quickly distinguished from many cabinet brands with its unique brand positioning. From paying attention to the needs of customers to the needs of users, so that different consumer classes can buy their favorite household products at the SIM theme kitchen experience terminal and enjoy intimate services. Sim has created a new blue ocean in the cabinet industry




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