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What is the product made by the craftsman in the whole house

compared with the traditional wardrobe customization, the refined craftsman's wardrobe customization adheres to the concept of "the whole house is easy to install +, making customization easier". Focus on wardrobe customization, focus on resources, create a new sales model of whole house easy to install + wardrobe customization, provide healthier wardrobe series products, make wardrobe customization simpler and easier, and make consumers comfortable and satisfied. Simplify the traditional customization, and truly make the wardrobe easy to install, which is good but not expensive

now let's take a look at the products made by the craftsman of fine materials on site

whole house easy to install + material selection and environmental protection make home decoration healthier

fine craftsman is at the forefront of environmental protection in the household industry. All products of whole house easy to install + adopt E0 grade plates, which will only better meet the needs of consumers for furniture environmental protection

from the perspective of raw materials, the whole house of fine craftsman is easy to install + solid wood multi-layer net aldehyde antibacterial plates are used, so the quality of finished plates is easier to control. Multilayer boards are made of single boards coated with glue and pressurized layer by layer, with less glue. After using aldehyde free protein glue, it is easy to exceed the current E0 level. On the basis of meeting the E0 standard, using the patented aldehyde antibacterial technology, nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent is implanted into the surface of impregnated paper, so that it has the function of adsorbing and decomposing free formaldehyde in indoor air and has the function of antibacterial. Realize the effect of removing indoor formaldehyde and purifying the air, completely remove formaldehyde, take care of yourself, and protect your health

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