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Shotcrete anchor construction operation instruction

1.1 shotcrete anchor statement

Xiluodu hydropower station slope support, according to the construction drawings, relevant change documents and technical requirements, the primary parameters of slope shotcrete anchor are as follows:

(1) shotcrete anchor: C25 concrete 15cm thick

(2). Hanging: 6.5 reinforcement, grid 150 mm

1.2 construction of mechanical equipment

phz-5 shotcrete anchor machine, tk-961 shotcrete anchor machine,

12 cubic meters of electric air compressors,

0 Two 35m3 mixers and two

2t agricultural vehicles shall be used according to the regulations

2 construction style

2.1 construction process flow chart

2 even polyurethane coating 2.1 scaffold erection

strictly follow the scaffold construction scheme. During scaffold erection, it is required to pull the degree line and plumb line to stop controlling its horizontal and vertical, and the spacing between rows shall strictly follow the erection of 1.5m

2.3.2 surface cleaning

before shotcreting, it is required to pry the pumice on the sprayed surface to cut its roots, and purge the lime soil on the sprayed surface with high-pressure air or water

2.4.3 mixing transportation

(1) dry spraying mixing: operate two 0.35 cubic meters mixers or a 1 cubic meter mixing plant to mix only the aggregate and cement according to the common ratio. Powdered accelerator shall be adopted and manually added to the mixed shotcrete anchor directly beside the shotcrete anchor machine

(2) wet spraying mixing: operate two 0.35 cubic meters mixers or 1 cubic meter mixing plant to mix strictly according to the common ratio. Adopt liquid accelerator, put it in an iron bucket next to the anchor spraying machine, and the anchor spraying machine will actively add it

(3) shotcrete and anchor materials shall be transported directly to the shotcrete and anchor machine by 2T agricultural vehicles. The dry spraying material can be directly used to trim the ground stockpile of about 10m2 next to the upper hopper of the anchor spraying machine, and the mixing and mixing of accelerating agent shall be stopped; There must be a hopper near the anchor spraying machine for wet spraying

2.6.4 spraying

(1) shotcrete feeding shall be manually fed to the shotcrete anchor machine hopper

(2) during radiation, the target of the spray gun radiation target shall be perpendicular to the sprayed surface as far as possible, the radiation deflection angle shall be controlled within 15, the spiral radiation shall be carried out, the distance between the radiation gun muzzle and the sprayed surface shall be kept between 0.8 ~ 1.2 m, and the radiation shall be stopped from bottom to top

(3) during dry spraying, in order to ensure that the sprayed concrete is uniform and free of slag, the radioactive water requires stable water pressure and strong penetration, and the guaranteed water pressure is 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa

(4) it is difficult to spray concrete with a thickness of 15 cm at one time, so it is necessary to spray concrete with a thickness of 5 cm before stopping hanging spraying to the design thickness

4 quality control measures

(1) acceptance system

process acceptance strictly implements the "three inspection" system. That is, the construction squadron (team) shall conduct self inspection (first inspection), the technical staff of the big team shall conduct second inspection, the quality office shall stop the third inspection and report to the supervising engineer for inspection and acceptance

(2) the assembly system

provides process construction training and technical disclosure to all construction personnel in their work progress. Organized by the technical staff, the teaching will be stopped to the construction staff according to the construction organization design (method), design drawings and construction technical requirements, so that each construction staff can be familiar with how each process is constructed, and comprehensively strengthen the quality understanding of the task staff and construction staff

(3) reward and punishment system

strictly implement the quality reward and punishment system in accordance with the quality management system issued by the Construction Bureau during the construction process

5 Enron assurance measures

(1) the training and education system

continues to deform the construction talent. If the plastic deformation accelerator is to stop Enron training and Enron education activities, and stop Enron education and team safety education for new employees, Beijing graphene Research Institute (BGI) will be established. Five minutes before the end of each shift, comprehensively strengthen the safety awareness of task staff and construction staff

(2) pre control of risk sources

the primary risk source of the slope is the dangerous rock of the slope. Before construction, pry and cut off the root, and assign a special person to supervise during construction

(3) Enron protection at the construction site

i. Enron rope and safety belt shall be built for aerial work, and Enron measures shall be complete

ii. Laying of construction layer δ= 5.0 the Packway board and the bamboo springboard form a successful class platform. The Packway board and the bamboo springboard are bound and secured with lead wires, and protected outside the class platform

iii. standard construction, strictly follow the operating procedures

iv. the shotcrete anchor construction personnel on the scaffold shall stop the "double insurance" safety method during shotcrete anchor, and the safety belt and safety rope must be used at the same time

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