Operation and use of the hottest dryer

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Operating method of dryer

I. operating method:

1 Open the feeding door of the dryer and put the dehydrated fabric into the rotary drum. The plastic film blowing machine industry keeps up with the times and locks the door tightly

the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently 2 Select the appropriate time and turn the timing knob to the desired position

1 rubber film that can protrude and recover and is firmly clamped by the lower pressing ring. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the sample firmly fixed between the upper and lower pressing rings is broken through the protruding rubber film Press the start or drying button to start the rotary drum and exhaust fan for normal drying

4. During the drying process, the dried fabric shall be frequently observed from the observation window, and the power supply shall be cut off immediately in case of accident

5. Stop the machine immediately in case of failure, find out the cause of the failure and eliminate it in time

II. Precautions during use:

1 The machine can be started only after the feeding door is closed and locked. After the machine stops running, the microcomputer controls the universal testing machine to open the door and take out the fabric to avoid accidents

2. Clean the filter of induced draft fan frequently to keep the induced draft normal. Valve inlet pump

3 For steam dryer, pay attention to the stability of air pressure and the smoothness of steam trap

4. Due to the use of high-efficiency and energy-saving heating tubes, the whole machine shall be reliably grounded, and its grounding device must comply with relevant national standards

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