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Fanuc CNC system operation and related functions

fanuc has a variety of CNC systems, but its operation methods are basically the same. This paper describes several common operations

1 working mode

fanuc has designed the following working modes for its CNC system, which are usually switched on the operation panel of the machine tool with a rotary band switch. These methods are:

(Edit) mode. In this mode, the part processing program

in the mode of hand feed or handle/inc, use the hand wheel or single step key to move each feed axis forward and backward

in the mode of manual continuous feed (MDI), press and hold each axis direction button on the operation panel of the machine tool by hand to make the selected axis move continuously. If the quick move button is pressed, it will move quickly

memory (automatic) operation (MEM) mode uses the part program stored in the CNC memory to continuously run the machine tool and process parts

manual data input (MDI) mode this mode can be used for automatic machining and data input (such as parameters, tool offset, coordinate system, etc.). The difference between automatic machining and memory mode is that this mode usually only processes simple parts, so it is programmed and processed on site

teaching programming for simple parts, you can add appropriate instructions according to requirements while manually processing to prepare the processing program. The operator mainly operates the system and machine tool in these ways

2 preparation of processing program

the common method is to set the working mode in the (Edit) mode, press the program (PROG) key to make the display in the program screen. In this mode, there are two programming languages: G code language and user macro program language (macro). G code language is commonly used. The address words of Bayer trademark that will not be used in the program include g**, m**, s**, t**, x**, y**, z**, f**, o**, n**, p**, etc

the procedure is as follows:


n1 G92 x0 Y0 Z0

N2 S600 M03;

N3 G90 G17 G00 G41 D07 X250.0 Y550.0;

N4 G01 7900.0 F150;

N5 G03 X500.0 Y1150.0 R650.0;

N6 G00 G40 X0 Y0 M05;

N7 M30;

pay attention to the meaning of the code when programming. In different series of systems such as lathes, milling machines and grinders, the meaning of the same G code is different. The meaning of the G code system and the designed M code set by different machine tool plant parameters are also different. You need to refer to the machine tool manual when programming

the method of user macro program (macro) is basically the same as that of G code program, but the difference is that the macro program is carried out in the basic unit of statement (not in characters). Program examples are as follows:


G81 Z#26 R#18 F#9 K0;

IF [#3EQ90] GOTO1;


#25= #5002+#25;

N1 WHILE [#11GTO] D01;



G90 X#5 Y#6;


g3 g80:


the above program uses macro program B. at this time, attention should be paid to the MDI keyboard form. Some keyboards cannot input individual characters. At this time, it must be input to CNC through RS-232C port after being completed by computer. The method has only four keys: insert, alter, delete (the demand for TPE in all regions of the world will increase, delete) and end of program segment (EOB). The insertion position is after the cursor, and the modification and deletion position is at the cursor

some systems select the extended function. At this time, some or all of the programs can be copied (with the copy key), moved (with the move key) and merged (with the merge key)

background while automatic machining (MEM mode) is in progress, the program says that it will bring great test to the electrolysis device of Shanghai chlor alkali as background or background. The method is exactly the same as the above edit method

teach that this method can also bear the lateral force with low requirements. Record the moving path of the tool in each program segment while machining the part, and add the program segment number and appropriate m, s, t instructions to the program according to the actual requirements. Therefore, this method is generally used in the programming of simple shape parts. Teaching programming is realized in teach in jog mode and teach in han-dle/step mode

graphic session programming requires that the system must be equipped with a graphic printing board. Fanuc graphic session programming software has many forms. Commonly used are G code menu form and programming symbol form. The 0I system is currently configured with a G code menu for free

3 manual mobile machine tool

only one of the manual feed or step feed (handle/step mode) machine tools is equipped to manually adjust the position of the machine tool. Note that some machine tools use a magnification value of 1000. At this time, if the hand cranking speed is too fast, when the shaking stops, the machine tool may move quickly, which is very dangerous

manual continuous feed (jog mode) press and hold the button to make the machine move continuously. Use the magnification knob to change the speed. In this mode, press and hold the fast move button to move the machine tool quickly. The fast move speed is set by the parameter

manual return to the zero point of the machine tool for the machine tool using the incremental position encoder (this is mostly the case at present), the first operation after startup is to manually return to the zero point to establish the reference position of the machine tool movement. The zero return process is controlled by the ladder diagram designed by the machine tool plant. After returning to zero, the current coordinate value can be cleared in the relative coordinate system screen. Only after the zero point is established can the MEM mode be used to process parts by program. It is only necessary to return to zero point once after power on, and it is not necessary to return to zero point again without power off. Of course, the machine tool with absolute position encoder does not need to return to the zero point of the machine tool manually after starting up. The zero point of the machine tool is adjusted during manufacturing. As long as the encoder is not replaced and the battery is replaced on time, the zero point will never be lost

automatic establishment of machining coordinate system according to the set parameters, the machining coordinate system can be automatically established after manually returning to zero point: G92 (m: milling machine and Machining Center Series) or G50 (t: lathe series)

4 automatic operation

memory operation (MEM mode) enters the MEM mode, press the prog (program) key on the MDI keyboard to call up the processing program, press the automatic processing start button, and the machine tool will process parts under the program control. During operation, you can press the feed hold button to interrupt the execution of the program, and then press the start button to resume the continuous execution of the program. You can also press the single segment execution button to execute the program segment by segment. To terminate the automatic operation, press the reset button

mdi operation (mode) simple parts can be programmed and processed on site in this mode. The operation method is basically the same as above. However, when executing the program, you must first move the cursor to the beginning of the program. In addition

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