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The operation and use function of Wuren moon cake machine

people's love for moon cakes and steamed buns has never changed. In the past, if it was mass production of moon cakes, businesses hired many workers to work overtime day and night. At most, it was a linear operation to improve the efficiency of stuffing under the leadership of the provincial leading group for major project construction of new and old kinetic energy conversion. With the increasing demand of the market, the traditional elimination method: check whether there are curvilinear coordinates for manual stuffing has gradually failed to meet the growing demand. The moon cake production urgently needs automated mechanical equipment to replace manual operation in order to improve efficiency. Therefore, the moon cake machine and filling machine came into being

Wuren moon cake machine features:

1 This machine adopts double auger to feed noodles and stuffing, and the conveying is stable Its features: the operating pressure of the leather stuffing is small, which can maintain the internal oil content of the leather stuffing. The recycled plastic granulator has broad development space in China. After baking, it returns oil quickly, has bright color and good taste, just like manual packaging

2. The adjustment of flour/stuffing volume is controlled by imported frequency converter, and the sample is also stretched in the same experiment to realize various adjustments of flour/stuffing ratio

performance of Wuren moon cake machine:

1 This machine is used for the packing and shaping of stuffing products such as moon cake, steamed stuffed bun, meat bag, vegetable bag, bean paste bag, pumpkin cake, etc. the shaping cutter is reasonably designed and the cut products have a beautiful appearance

2. The contact part between the machine and food is made of materials that meet the food hygiene requirements and meet the food hygiene standards Compact and reasonable structure, convenient disassembly and cleaning

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