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Share the operation guide of magnetic flap level gauge plate level position survey gauge

magnetic flap level gauge is widely used for medium level detection of various towers, tanks, tanks, spherical vessels, boilers and other equipment; It can be widely used for liquid level measurement and control in the production process of electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipbuilding, construction, food and other industries. The main material is stainless steel magnetic turnover column level gauge. This product uses high-quality stainless steel as the liquid level gauge body, and the surface is polished or baked with paint, which is both exquisite and beautiful, and durable. The panel bead is made of plastic shell, which is light and flexible

the operating instructions of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge plate body liquid level position survey gauge are as follows:

I. the indicator display is installed at the outer or upper end of the tank to indicate and control the liquid level position in the tank. The sealing form can be equipped with a sewage discharge valve port as required. The connecting flange or flange is a kind of control instrument that can accept customized liquid level position height. The indicator display is composed of magnetic color chips. When the magnetic floating ball in the original structure device tube rises with the liquid level position, the color chip will turn over to display the liquid level position height. It can also be equipped with a magnetic on-off device or a long-distance transmission output transformation information coding conveyor on the original structural device pipe. The core technical elements of the building material wall insulation material foamed plastic are to carry out the combustion performance grade and grading criteria based on 9 high-tech test items, such as the combustion growth rate index (f/gra) w/s, total heat release within 600s (thr600s), m), and output the information code of the on-off device or the analog quantity information code. It is suitable for use under the conditions of ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure and corrosion resistance. It can be displayed at the moment and controlled at a long distance. The original structural device pipe is made of seamless steel pipe, and the connecting pipe is made of pull hole electric welding, and the position inside is free of scratches. The placement and assembly method can be selected as side assembly and top assembly, and the lower end of the original structural device is sealed

second, it is a survey instrument that uses the magnetic float as the component of the induction survey unit, and indicates the height position or interface of the surveyed liquid level through the magnetic float and the magnetic induction coupling effect of the magnetic body in the colored magnetic cylinder

III. If the resistance liquid level position transfer sensor, or the resistance current liquid level position change information coding conveyor and (secondary) display instrument are configured, it can not only complete the electric long-distance transmission output, but also output the standard information coding of 4-20mA (or 0-10mA) or even black spots, so as to cooperate with the matching recording instrument or industrial control measurement machine

IV. apply the connectivity management theory to confirm that the liquid level positions between the surveyed containing apparatus and the surveyed pipe body are the same. When the magnetic float with a depth of not less than 30cm in the surveyed pipe changes with the measured liquid level position, the magnetic flap level gauge, the magnetic body in the magnetic float and the magnetic body effect in the colored magnetic column are displayed on the display panel to turn the colored magnetic column upside down. White represents no liquid and red represents liquid, To meet the value of the liquid level position displayed at the moment

v. the current display has the advantages of fast and accurate display, clear, fast and accurate display, wide viewing angle, compact and appropriate structure, high efficiency and safety, no "running, emitting, dripping and leaking", small amount of maintenance and care, and low maintenance cost. At the same time, its indicator display function does not need to supply power alone. Even if the power production and supply device stops working, the observation of liquid level position will not be disturbed, It is an ideal liquid level position inspection instrument

VI. it is also called as magnetic liquid level survey meter, magnetic turnover cylinder liquid level survey meter and magnetic float liquid level survey meter. It is operated according to the theory of proper magnetic coupling, which fills in the defects that the glass tube liquid level survey meter cannot operate under ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure and is fragile

VII. There are two placement and assembly methods: side part assembly and top part assembly. Either method can not only bind the remote transmission output device, so that the liquid level position survey meter can not only display the liquid level position at the moment, but also monitor and control the liquid level position at long intervals After binding, it can be called long-distance transmission output type

the magnetic flap level gauge is developed according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the liquid level of product R & D and other work in the measured container rises and falls, the magnetic float in the body tube of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge also rises and falls. The permanent magnetic steel in the float is transferred to the magnetic turnover column indicator through magnetic coupling to drive the red and white turnover columns to turn 180 °. When the liquid level rises, the turnover column changes from white to red. When the liquid level drops, the turnover column changes from red to white. The red white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the liquid level in the container, So as to realize clear indication of liquid level. The axial distance between two adjacent indicator plates is 10mm, so the liquid level indication error of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge is ± 10mm

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