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Offset printing does not know the experimental method of fatigue testing machine. Machine maintenance knowledge collection

implementation method of machine maintenance

the importance of maintenance determines that machine maintenance is an important task in daily equipment management. The quality of this task is first of all human factors. If human subjective initiative is not brought into full play, it is obviously impossible to maintain the existing printing press. Secondly, we should understand the importance of maintenance with a scientific attitude, respect and believe in science. Let's talk about the maintenance of the machine from these aspects

in terms of re product development, 1 Strengthen the management of operators. The quality of operators determines the quality of machine maintenance, so we must first improve the technical level of operators. Operators should have such knowledge. Have a basic understanding of machine structure, have a deep understanding of daily maintenance knowledge, and understand why machine maintenance is needed; Understand the essential causes of some mechanical faults. Therefore, strict on-the-job training should be carried out for employees before starting the machine, and employees who have just started the machine should do more work in machine maintenance

(1) to establish a strict implementation system, we must link machine maintenance with the economic interests of employees, reward diligence and punish laziness. This is because machine maintenance is a very complex work, which requires patience and meticulous, and should not be done rashly. Without strict rules and regulations, it is impossible to maintain the machine well

(2) strengthen the importance of maintenance education. Machine maintenance is a daily must for employees, which is easy to make them feel anxious. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the education of employees, so that they can keep the importance of this issue in mind and reflect it in their daily work. In addition to strengthening the education on the importance of maintenance for operators, we should also strengthen the education on this aspect for managers. At this point, we should prevent the interference of laymen to insiders and put an end to hard equipment

2. Take scientific measures to strengthen the maintenance of vision apparatus. Scientific means must be taken to maintain the machine, so that the machine can be best maintained. Therefore, all available conditions should be used to improve the scientific maintenance awareness of employees

(1) establish rules and regulations for machine maintenance. Machine maintenance must be rule-based. Generally, the maintenance of the machine should be subject to the instructions of the machine. For example, regularly refuel, clean the filter, and regularly test the accuracy of the machine, so as to determine the components of minor repair, medium repair and overhaul of the machine. These regulations should be posted next to the machine so that operators can be reminded often

(2) strengthen the maintenance of key parts. Gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings are the most important parts of the printing press. Their maintenance should be different from other parts, because the change of their accuracy means the change of printing quality. Of course, this does not mean that the maintenance of other parts can be reduced. Generally, how to control the indoor temperature? An air conditioner probably doesn't work. Springs are the most used components in the force closing mechanism on the machine. Their work directly determines the accuracy of the mutual cooperation of moving parts. The requirement for springs is to have sensitive elasticity, while anelasticity and unrecoverable plastic deformation are extremely detrimental to the work of springs

(3) carry out technical reform and strengthen machine maintenance. Machine maintenance requires that machine maintenance should be considered in the design of the machine. However, due to the complexity of the printing press, it is obviously impossible to take every factor into account. And the content of machine maintenance will also change with the change of environment. Therefore, it is necessary to improve or take other remedial measures for those structures that are conducive to machine maintenance

however, due to its unique characteristics of low price and large tonnage

in short, machine maintenance needs to be implemented from the time of machine installation B until the machine is scrapped

the above mainly talks about the maintenance of printing machines. In fact, other printing equipment also needs maintenance, but the maintenance content is different. It is the bounden duty of every worker to comprehensively and scientifically strengthen the machine insurance

Author: Cai Jifei

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