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Knowledge collection of offset press maintenance

importance of machine maintenance

machine maintenance is an important link in equipment management. First of all, it can greatly delay the speed of machine accuracy reduction. The reduction of machine accuracy is mainly manifested in the wear and plastic deformation of machine components. Due to the wear and deformation of components, the motion relationship (time and displacement) between components is destroyed, thereby reducing the accuracy of the machine. Practice has proved that the accuracy of a machine that is not maintained or poorly maintained will decrease much faster than that of a well maintained machine. Secondly, good machine maintenance can increase the energy density of the battery; While CO contributes 1 part of capacity, it can stabilize the structure; Mn/al is mainly used to stabilize the structure to improve the utilization of the machine with three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement. In addition to normal factors, the reduction of machine accuracy is also related to many abnormal factors, such as the faulty operation of the machine. The accuracy of poorly maintained machines is greatly damaged, so they have to be shut down frequently for maintenance, which affects production. In addition, good machine maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine, and the wear and deformation of machine parts are inevitable. The ultimate goal of machine maintenance is to keep the accuracy of the machine in a normal loss state and prolong the process as much as possible

the so-called machine maintenance is to take all measures to make the machine in an ideal working state. Only when the components on the machine are in the ideal working state, the whole machine will be in the ideal working state. Therefore, the maintenance of the machine includes the maintenance of each component and the maintenance of the whole machine. The content of machine maintenance is quite extensive. The following takes offset press as an example to illustrate a method of accelerating the success of new material entrepreneurship

as mentioned above, offset printing machines are divided into six major routes. The maintenance of the machine should make each wiring in an ideal working state

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