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The key technology of energy interconnection

to truly realize the interconnection of energy, it involves many technical applications. Unlike traditional electricity, energy interconnection is formed by the interconnection of multiple micro electricity. Each micro electricity includes power generation (various forms of power generation), energy storage, users, transmission and distribution, and parallel systems. Therefore, the technology involved in energy interconnection is broader than traditional electricity. For example, energy conversion, energy collection, integration of electricity and interconnection, energy storage and many other aspects. For convenience, we will introduce relevant technologies in two parts: smart micro electricity and wide area energy interconnection

first, the key technology of smart micro electricity

as the cell of energy interconnection, the construction and operation of a large number of micro electricity is the basis of energy interconnection. Many key technologies in microelectronics are also very different from existing electrical technologies

(I) various new energy power generation equipment

other renewable energy sources that can be used as the power source of micro electricity are as follows:

photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, small hydropower stations, biomass power stations (mainly biogas power generation, which can be combined with garbage treatment and organic fertilizer production), and micro gas turbines using natural gas

the above-mentioned new energy technologies in various forms are basically mature now, but there are still many areas that can be improved in how to improve the energy conversion efficiency

(II) energy storage technology

the energy storage system of micro electricity should meet the requirements of the following three situations: 1) in the case of power supply or electrical accident, the energy storage system can quickly replace the power supply; 2) When a large load in a micro starts, the current is often several times that of the running current, so the energy storage system is required to provide instantaneous large current; 3) When photovoltaic and other electric power generation is insufficient, it plays the function of supplying power to micro internal loads

at present, the more mature energy storage technology is lead-acid battery, but it has the problems of short service life and lead pollution. There are several new energy storage systems that can be applied to intelligent photovoltaic micro electricity: vanadium fluid battery, flywheel energy storage, super capacitor. These new energy storage systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. With the continuous maturity of industrialization, it is believed that the quality, performance and stability of products will be greatly improved, and the cost can also be greatly reduced

(III) micro control technology

different from traditional electricity, intelligent micro electricity has multiple power supplies and loads. The change of load and the fluctuation of power supply need to be adjusted by energy storage system or external electricity. The adjustment, switching and control of these power supplies are completed by the micro control center

in addition to monitoring the power parameters, switching status, power quality and energy parameters of each new energy power generation system, energy storage system and load, the micro control center should also improve energy conservation and power quality

(IV) the information system of intelligent micro electricity

when micro electricity is in normal operation, it usually operates in parallel with the main power. The internal control system of wechat needs to communicate with the power dispatching system of the backbone. When the power supply or load changes, the information should be reported to the main power, and the main power should be dispatched in sufficient time. In this way, the stability of the power supply and main power of wechat can be guaranteed

wechat and mainly carry out real-time information exchange, which is completed through the wechat information system. The wechat information system can also help the interconnection and mutual scheduling between wechat, which is conducive to the stability of the main power and reduce the power supply pressure of the main power. The information system is a base station for the interaction between micro electricity and external information. It can not only greatly reduce the fluctuation of micro electricity by placing the slider fixed with the sample in the center of the first sample without impact, but also second, polylactic acid (PLA) can adjust measures to local conditions and make full use of various renewable energy and resources in the area where micro electricity is located

the above four categories of technologies are the main technologies involved in microelectronics. In addition, in the case of micro energy for comprehensive utilization of energy, it also involves waste treatment, production technology of biogas and organic fertilizer, and even related technology of heating system, refrigeration technology, geothermal and so on

second, the wide area technology of energy interconnection

the interconnection of multiple microelectronics constitutes energy interconnection. Therefore, the wide area technology of energy interconnection mainly refers to the key technology designed by the interconnection of micro electricity and the integration of various energy forms

(I) energy interconnection and transmission related technologies

the power transmission between micro electricity can be through the main electricity, but more importantly, new transmission lines need to be built. In addition to cables, new transmission materials such as room temperature superconducting materials are also the technical direction of long-distance transmission research of energy interconnection. In order to realize the effective transmission and recovery of power in the process of low-voltage transmission, make full use of the residual power of each distributed low-power energy acquisition and production unit, and the use of room temperature superconductors can greatly reduce transmission losses

in addition, whether it is high voltage or low voltage, AC or DC, the establishment of micro electricity may re select the existing technology

(II) information interconnection technology

the information interconnection of energy interconnection can use the existing information interconnection. However, as mentioned above, for control signals with very high real-time requirements, more reliable information transmission methods may be required. Using power to load high-frequency signals to realize information communication is one of the current research hotspots

to classify the data, usually the data with high real-time requirements, save a set of samples for revision and comparison. Whether the modified samples have little improvement, while the data with large amount, such as images and videos, has low real-time requirements. Therefore, real-time database and data classification are necessary

(III) integrated technology of multiple energy modes

electricity is the main form of energy, but it is not the only form. For residents and industries, in addition to electricity as a form of energy, there is also the demand for heating, refrigeration and gas. If the home is heated, it may be more energy efficient to use light and heat than photovoltaic power generation and then drive air conditioning. In addition, if biogas is used for household gas, how to ensure the stability of biogas supply quality, especially the temperature measurement and sampling process of steel-making, is also an issue that needs to be considered for energy interconnection. For the charging of electric vehicles, many new technical means should also be considered. When a variety of energy sources are integrated, there are many complementary functions between them, which can improve the efficiency of each other. These need to be used and solved step by step in the process of use

in a word, the realization of energy interconnection involves a wide range of technologies, not just a technology of power industry. Given that a large number of these technologies are mature technologies that have been applied in other industries, it is only necessary to find a new way to realize them under the new framework of energy interconnection

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