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The instrument and meter industry is a key industry in the field of automation. In the past few years, with the continuous development of China's automation application environment, the appearance of the instrument industry has changed with each passing day, and many enterprises in this field have also developed rapidly. At present, the instrument industry is facing a new development period. According to the requirements of the new period, the 12th Five Year Plan (Draft) of this industry also puts forward some key technologies for key development, which undoubtedly has important guiding significance for the future development of the industry

emerging sensor technology

sensor, as the basic element of sensing (IOT), will have a very broad development prospect in the future. At present, new sensor technologies include solid-state silicon sensor technology, optical fiber sensor technology, biochip technology, gene chip technology, image sensor technology, all solid-state inertial sensor technology, multi-sensor technology, etc. The 12th Five Year Plan will focus on smart sensors and tackle key technologies

in this field, we will focus on the development of sensor technology with new principles and effects, sensor intelligence technology, sensor networking technology, miniaturization and low power consumption technology, as well as the design, manufacturing and packaging technology of sensor array and multi-functional and multi-sensor parameter sensors

industrial wireless communication network technology

industrial wireless communication network, as a supplement to wired industrial communication network, has been widely recognized. China has made some achievements in industrial wireless communication networks, and it is possible to take the lead in the world in this regard by continuing to strengthen the development

in this field, we should focus on the formulation of industrial wireless communication network standards and industrial wireless communication network authentication technology

functional safety technology and safety instruments

functional safety technology and safety instruments are new technologies developed recently in the world to prevent abnormal accidents in industrial facilities, which endanger the safety of people and equipment. This technology and related instrument products have been widely concerned by users. The large-scale petrochemical engineering construction projects in China have stipulated that the functional safety evaluation must be carried out in advance. Sudden accidents of industrial facilities occur frequently in China, so it is of great significance to study safety instrument technology

the key products developed in this field include: control system reaching the overall safety level sil3, temperature transmitter, pressure/differential pressure transmitter, electric actuator electronic universal experimental machine. When making samples, attention should be paid to the development and application of travel mechanism/valve positioner, as well as the research on the evaluation technology and methods of safety instrument system and the development of evaluation tools

precision machining technology and special process technology

the gap between China's high and medium-grade testing equipment and foreign countries is largely the gap between precision machining and special process technology. The current focus is on multi-dimensional precision machining process, precision molding process, precision machining process of spherical and aspheric optical elements, grinding process of crystal optical elements, the second process of special optical film design and preparation, precision grating engraving and replication process, special welding, bonding, sintering and other special connection processes, special chip processing technology, MEMS technology, The automatic micro cantilever impact testing machine measures the impact energy of materials when impacted by pendulum, trace sample analysis and processing technology, etc

functional components and application technology of analytical instrument

key components of analytical instrument, such as detector, four-stage rod, high-pressure pump, valve, magnet, special light source and power supply, automatic sampler, long-life and high-sensitivity electrode, medium step grating, high-precision electronic extensometer and other key components, are tackled to improve the stability and reliability of the whole instrument. At the same time, develop spectrograms and databases for different application fields

The machine is widely used in tensile, compressive, bending, shear and other mechanical property experiments of metal and non-metallic materials; Through the configuration of a wide variety of accessory intelligent technology,

intelligent technology is characterized by: self calibration, self detection, self diagnosis, self-adaptive functions; Have the data processing ability of complex operation and error correction; It has the function of automatically completing the specified measurement tasks; Expert system software for scientific testing instruments and control systems

system integration and application technology

at present, we should focus on the development of seamless connection and integration technology between control systems of different manufacturers; The main automation equipment supplier (MIV) of large projects should have project planning, design, organization, procurement, acceptance, commissioning and other project management technologies

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