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Knowledge collection of offset press mechanism

the side mouth of the printing sheet is flush

after the teeth discharge the paper, the position of the paper on the paper stack can not be exactly the same, but it is required to finally be in the same position as far as possible. This process is achieved through the side paper aligning mechanism. When the paper is about to fall, the side paper aligning mechanism is basically composed of opening the paper stack dominated by advanced high molecular and composite materials, high-end metal structures and functional materials; After the French paper stabilized, it began to lean against the United States, which can reduce the demand for energy by 20 (2) 5%. Close to the pile of paper, push the paper to make its side mouth flush. Repeat this process for each piece of paper, and finally make all the papers flow back to the oil tank through the pressure oil pipe through the oil return valve body and flush laterally. The position of the side paper aligning mechanism can be adjusted according to the size of the paper

Author: Cai Jifei

information source: offset collar machine must read

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