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IV. daily maintenance of selenium drum

1. Installation and storage

selenium drum is an important part of laser printer, which directly affects the quality of printing. The installation of selenium drum is actually very simple. Just take the selenium drum out of the packaging bag, take out the sealing strip, and then rotate it with the axis of the selenium drum as the axis, so that the drum powder is evenly distributed in the selenium drum, and then install it on the printer

as for the storage of toner cartridges, it is actually very simple. As long as the toner cartridge is stored in the original packaging bag at room temperature. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, otherwise it will affect the service life of the selenium drum, and even cause the selenium drum to be scrapped

2. Maintenance matters

because the imaging of the laser printer depends on the load, it can control the exposure of the photoconductive drum. When the toner drum encounters strong light, the inner and outer layers of the toner drum are connected, so that the voltage at this place is different from that at the unexposed place. The exposed place can attract toner for imaging during the fixing process. However, the exposure time and times of a certain point of the selenium drum are limited, especially in the case of long-time continuous exposure, the damage to the selenium drum is more serious. Therefore, you should pay attention to the maintenance of selenium drum when using it at ordinary times

1) do not expose the toner cartridge directly to sunlight or other strong light sources

2) do not replace the toner cartridge under strong light, but complete the installation process as soon as possible

3) when the toner cartridge is removed from the printer, please immediately put it back in the packaging box or wrap it with a thick soft linen cloth

4) if the toner cartridge comes from a cold place, move it to a warm place and leave it for an hour or more before using

5) the selenium drum light barrier shields the external light source to protect the photosensitive selenium drum. Do not open the selenium drum light barrier

6) do not touch the surface of the photosensitive drum with your hands, and prevent the surface of the selenium drum from being scratched by hard objects

7) do not place the selenium drum in a place with high temperature and humidity

8) make sure that the selenium drum is away from the display, hard disk drive, floppy disk drive or any other magnetic substance

v. tips for toner drum maintenance

1. Extend the service life of toner drum

after a long period of use, the printed text and image will appear blurred, the bottom ash will increase and other phenomena. Even if a new toner box is replaced, it will not solve the problem, so we should consider that it may be the problem of the toner cartridge. We know that the selenium drum of laser printer has a service life: generally more than 10000 pages, such as HP, Lenovo, etc

when the service life of the selenium drum is up, the above phenomenon will appear. This is mainly due to the aging of photosensitive characteristics on the surface of the drum, the decline of surface potential and the increase of residual voltage, which affect the imaging of the drum

is there any way to bring the selenium drum back to life

the specific method is as follows: take 5g of chromium trioxide, use the lens to continuously develop intelligent and automatic performance, dip it directly with paper, and carefully wipe it along one direction of the selenium drum (don't wipe it back and forth!) Once, wipe the surface of the selenium drum completely without omission. Special care should be taken when wiping! After the above processing, the photosensitive toner drum can generally print thousands of pages again or even more updated media

2. Make full use of laser printer toner cartridges

because Epson series laser printers have superior printing performance and convenient operation performance, there are also quite a number of users in the society. However, because its consumables are expensive and its selenium drum is easy to fatigue, when it is tired, the surface of the selenium drum cannot be powered off, leaving a very "heavy" background color on the printing medium, which directly affects the printing effect

the specific methods are as follows: when the selenium drum has fatigue, carefully remove the shell of the selenium drum first. In order to prevent damage to the surface of the selenium drum, wrap the surface of the selenium drum with a piece of soft cloth. After removing the shell, carefully pull out the selenium drum and expose it to the sun for one to two hours, Although the printer manual is based on the existing leading enterprises and leading products in the three bases, it is strictly forbidden to expose the selenium drum to the sun (it must be confirmed that the service life of the selenium drum according to the standard in the manual has expired). Then pour out the toner in the waste powder box (use a small screwdriver to scratch back and forth at the mouth of the waste powder box, and the toner will come out soon, so as to prevent the "dust" flying when pouring the powder). Then clean the surface of the toner drum and some parts of the powder box with a soft cloth, and install the toner drum after completion

3. How to repair the toner drum

adding toner to the toner drum is the main way to reduce the printing cost. However, the more times you add toner, the worse the print quality of the toner drum. Generally, when you add toner more than 2 or 3 times, there will be some regular black spots, and this problem will become more and more serious with the increase of printing times. Finally, the printed documents will be blurred or printed with a black mark. At this time, the toner cartridge will be discarded. It's a pity to discard it, and it's useless to keep it. Most people will choose to replace it with a new toner cartridge at this time. In fact, this old toner cartridge is still available, that is, regeneration. The printing quality of the repaired toner cartridge can also be comparable to that of the original toner cartridge, and the cost is only about a quarter of the price of the original toner cartridge. This not only meets the requirements of the environment, but also saves us money

the methods of repairing selenium drum can be divided into two parts: adding new toner and replacing photosensitive drum. The following takes the commonly used HP 6L printer toner cartridge as an example

first, cut off the power supply of the printer and remove the toner cartridge from the printer

then, clamp the metal pin on one side with diagonal pliers and pull it out carefully with force (or use a nail to put the metal pin into the selenium drum, and take out the metal pin after opening the selenium drum). After pulling out the silver metal pins on both sides, the selenium drum can be divided into two parts. The one with light blue photosensitive selenium is the collection part of waste powder, and the one with magnetic roller is the powder supply part

third, unscrew the screw on the gearless side of the powder supply part. After taking off the plastic shell, you can see a plastic cover. Open the plastic cover and clean up all the toner in the toner bin and on the magnetic roller (be sure to clean up all the residual toner, otherwise it will affect the quality of printing). Then install the magnetic roller in the reverse order just now. At this time, press and hold the magnetic roller with force to prevent the magnetic roller from leaving the original position. Shake the toner well and slowly pour it into the powder supply bin. Put on the plastic cover and plastic shell. Pay attention to align the semicircular hole on the end of the middle shaft of the magnetic roller with the semicircular hole on the plastic shell. Gently rotate the gear on the side of the magnetic roller for several turns to evenly fill the toner

fourth, replace the photosensitive drum with a new one. Pull out the fixing pin of the waste powder collection part fixing the photosensitive drum with a diagonal pliers. After pulling out the fixing pin, take out the old photosensitive drum, and then clean up the waste powder in the waste powder collection part. Replace the new photosensitive drum in the reverse order of disassembly. When installing the photosensitive drum, pay attention to that the photosensitive drum is divided into left and right sides, and install the butting groove on the side with gear. Then fix the fixing pin to fix the photosensitive drum. The newly purchased photosensitive drum has a black anti exposure seal, which must not be removed before installation to prevent exposure. It can be removed only after installation and inspection. Finally, install and restore the powder supply part and waste powder collection part according to the position when they are disassembled, insert the metal pins on both sides, and then you can start printing

4. Solution to the problem of image stains

(1) turn off the printer, take out the toner box, shake it left and right, and make the toner evenly distributed

(2) wipe the paper path inside the printer with a dry and clean soft cloth to remove the toner left in the paper path

(3) print a three page document with only one word to clean the components inside the printer

(4) select high-quality printing paper

(5) if there is still a problem, you may need to replace the toner cartridge or imaging cartridge

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