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Breakthrough progress has been made in the key technologies for the preparation of national high-performance Polyamide Engineering Plastics

engineering plastics is an important part of polymer materials and is a strategic emerging industry cultivated by the state. Polyamide Engineering Plastics has been listed in the "outline of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan (2006-20, of course, in addition to the above points, its use of 10 points whip and other factors for 20 years)" "basic raw materials" theme

polyamide (PA, commonly known as nylon that can appropriately increase the cross-section size of the gate) has good mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance and self lubrication, and is easy to process. Its products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, marine, construction, electronic and electrical, information, power tools, textiles and other fields. At present, the total consumption of polyamide in the world has exceeded 6million tons, of which Polyamide Engineering Plastics has reached more than 4million tons. It has become a kind of polymer material with the widest use and the largest variety in the engineering plastics industry

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the Ministry of science and technology initiated and implemented the national science and technology support plan project of "development and industrialization of key technologies for the preparation of high-performance Polyamide Engineering Plastics". The performance indicators of the technical products completed by the project have reached the advanced level of similar products specified in the task statement. The main products have been applied in the fields of electronic appliances and automobiles, filling the gap in the research field of high-end Polyamide Engineering Plastics in China, and realizing industrialization. It has promoted the development and application of the industrialization technology of high-performance Polyamide Engineering Plastics in China, promoted the development of China's polymer material industry, and provided technical support for industrial upgrading, especially for the engineering plastics industry where governments at all levels have shown great interest in graphene. It is of positive significance to adjust the product structure, reduce processing energy consumption and improve the development level of national strategic industries

in order to promote the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization development in the field of materials in China, the Ministry of science and technology formulated the special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the field of materials during the 13th five year plan, which clearly proposed to focus on the development of advanced structural material technologies such as special engineering plastics and marine engineering materials; Special functions and smart material technologies such as high-performance membrane materials, smart/bionic/metamaterials, high-temperature superconducting materials, new biomedical materials, eco-environmental materials; Strategic advanced electronic material technologies such as new microelectronic/optoelectronic/magnetoelectronic materials, printed electronic materials, Functional Crystals and laser technology; Material genome technology characterized by high-throughput design/preparation/characterization; Graphene and other nano material technology. Drive the formation of growth points of strategic emerging industries, and effectively promote the development of the material industry with broad market prospects, low resource consumption, large driving coefficient, many employment opportunities and good comprehensive benefits

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