On October 24, the market price of compound fertil

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On October 24, the market situation of compound fertilizer in Yunnan showed an upward trend

since September, the price of compound fertilizer in Yunnan has been on the rise. Up to now, it has been the third time to raise the price. The main reason for frequent price increases is the continuous rise in the price of raw materials. Since September, the ex factory price of compound fertilizer has increased by yuan/ton per ton. The main reason for the sharp rise in the price of compound fertilizer is the sharp rise in the price of raw materials such as sulfur, phosphate rock and potassium chloride. In some places, the wholesale price of compound fertilizer market has increased by only yuan per ton, which is mainly because there are some inventories in the market and dealers are in the process of price adjustment

at present, Yunnan is in the off-season of sales, and there is little enthusiasm to distribute inventory. Some stores some compound fertilizers in August. Quotation of compound fertilizer in Yunnan: 45% (1) the industrial system is relatively complete (s) the mainstream ex factory price is yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of high tower compound fertilizer is yuan/ton, which promotes the "scope effect" of industrial development; 45% (CL) compound fertilizer mainstream factory yuan/ton; 48% (CL) mainstream factory quotation of compound fertilizer is yuan/ton

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