On safety work in high-rise building construction

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Safety work in high-rise building construction

the content of safety work in high-rise building construction is much richer and more complex than that in multi-storey building construction. This paper does not prepare too much discussion on the safety work in the civil construction of high-rise buildings, and focuses on the safety management in the construction of external decorative curtain wall and equipment installation engineering through its engineering practice

I. conventional safety facilities and protective equipment

in high-rise and super high-rise construction, personnel participating in construction operations should wear safety belts and helmets. The safety maintenance of the construction site and the layout of vertical transportation equipment, metal wear particles are non transparent, and the safety maintenance and other links should also be done in accordance with the specifications and relevant regulations. For some safety settings, more work needs to be done due to special construction

(I) vertical safety maintenance, widely used and frequently installed and disassembled. In the curtain wall installation project of Dalian Ocean building we participated in, vertical safety maintenance is widely used. The building, with a construction area of 140000 square meters, is divided into towers a and B and podium buildings, with four basements. Tower a has 51 floors above the ground, 200.8m; Tower B has 29 floors above the ground, 114.5m; the skirt building has 6 floors, and the top height is 30.4m. The exterior decoration of the tower of the building adopts unit plate aluminum profile and glass curtain wall, which is composed of hollow tempered glass, coated glass, low-radiation Low-E glass, and fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum plate on the surface. In addition to glass and aluminum plate, 30mm thick granite stone plate is also available on the 8th to 13th floors of block a. The main body of the building and the installation of electromechanical equipment were undertaken by China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, and the curtain wall was undertaken by YKK Hong Kong Limited

to hang the curtain wall unit board, there must be installation joints, which are usually hinged. Some of the connectors are called code pieces, and some are called embedded parts. The embedded parts of Dalian Ocean building we participated in can meet the three-dimensional direction adjustment, and the connecting embedded parts are welded with 12mm thick and 20mm thick plates. This kind of embedded parts need to drill chemical bolts on the floor beam, and drill through holes on the floor to install ordinary through bolts. When drilling through holes, large angle cones of different sizes fall on the lower floor or the ground when penetrating, and sometimes bounce out of the floor when falling on the lower floor. When the floor is low, the harm is not great, and when the floor is high, it is easy to form harm when falling on the ground

according to the on-site situation, it was considered to set the level at the beginning, but this level can only work when working on one or two floors. Gradually working on the upper floor, the effect of the level is too poor, and the cost is high, which is difficult for the construction team to bear economically. Later, we used to set up vertical movable close-up safety at the operation point. At this time, 1 we must repair in time, fix the end on the protective railing at the edge of the upper floor, and put the lower end on the floor below the operation floor. Special personnel are assigned to guard and adjust the unfixed surface. The falling concrete cone blocks either fall directly to the floor, and after the analysis and discussion of the experimental curve, they either rebound to the floor when they encounter the vertical safety, The watchman below shall clean up the fallen concrete blocks in time. After the construction of the working surface is completed, it shall be immediately moved. The watchman and the construction operator shall rotate their positions. This method is not our original creation, but it is really economical, convenient and reliable

this kind of vertical displacement with the operation point does not play the role of preventing operators from falling. Operators need to wear safety belts during construction and hang them on the safety rope between other columns

we also used the closed standing fire retardant coating when spraying. At first, we didn't pay enough attention to it, and the sealing was not ideal. The coating fell downstairs, causing pollution. We were claimed thousands of yuan, and spent money to buy a lesson. Later, we did it very seriously, preventing small objects from falling and pollution, and improving the spraying operation environment at the same time

second, the use of level

it is common to engage in the level of construction and installation. Its quality and installation requirements are clearly stipulated by the relevant national departments, and this article will not repeat it. This article will talk about the matters needing attention in the setting and demolition of the level and our experience and lessons in practice in the construction and installation of high-rise and super high-rise buildings

1. The clothes should be bound on the skeleton

we have set up a level in 46F of block a. the clothes are made of 2000 mesh density. We are worried about the insufficient strength. There is a large hole clothes under the density. The clothes are bound on the steel pipe skeleton with fine wire. We are afraid that the wind will blow the clothes up and throw the sundries on the clothes to the ground. Due to incomplete binding, the worry finally happened. On the afternoon of August 20, 2000, a gust of wind blew up, and the washers, bolts, welding rod stems and other debris were thrown to the ground. One of the welding rod stems, which was 3.2mm long and 45mm long, fell on the windshield of a modern car parked in front of the hotel, breaking the windshield, and the windshield of another car was punctured by a small hole of about 7mm

2. Precautions when removing the level:

(1) clean up the sundries in the clothes

(2) pull the clothes close to the side of the building to the floor first, and then pull the outer edge of the clothes to the floor, so that the uncleaned sundries fall on the floor instead of falling underground. We also have a lesson in this matter. It rained in the middle of the horizontal demolition of 26F in Block B, and the workers took off their clothes at will in a hurry. As a result, sundries fell on the floor (six floors) that had been paved with coiled materials and broke the coiled materials

III. demolition of large equipment

the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings cannot be separated from large vertical transportation equipment, usually jack up tower cranes and construction elevators

this article will not repeat the installation and use of tower cranes and construction elevators, but only talk about the demolition of tower cranes and construction elevators

when the tower crane and the construction elevator are removed, the main structure must have been completed under normal circumstances. In addition to strictly preventing objects from falling from height, there is also a problem of finished product protection in the safety work of dismantling equipment. For the protection of finished products, in addition to preventing objects from falling, attention should also be paid to the splashing of welding slag when cutting attached anchors, and the fire bucket should be applicable and reliable

IV. safety work in unit plate installation

at present, the structural type of glass curtain wall is basically bulk (on-site wall assembly) non unit and unit. The curtain wall of ocean building is of unit type. The curtain wall unit plate is assembled in the processing plant (including frame assembly and glue injection) and transported to the installation site after passing the acceptance

the safety work in the installation process not only has the problem of personal protection, but also the problem of preventing objects from falling from high altitude. Personal safety protection is done in this way. The operators at the edge of the floor shall tie the safety belt, which is hung on the safety rope tied between the floor columns. The safety rope is 6mm steel wire rope, which is about 1.8 ~ 2.0m high from the ground. The measure to prevent objects from falling is that when lifting the unit plate, the operator stops lifting when the unit plate is nearly 85 ° vertical, and the operator knocks the vertical material of the unit plate with a rubber hammer to shake down the materials left in the hollow of the vertical material and make them fall on the floor of the installation layer, so as not to cause High-altitude Falling and injury. There are 32 m5S on the first floor of the building at the beginning of installation × 50 screws fell from the hollow of the vertical material of the unit plate, and several of them fell to the ground. Fortunately, no damage was caused

in the process of curtain wall installation, the hanging boat (also known as the hanging basket) is an essential operating equipment. Before the crane is put into use, it should be tested and accepted by the supervision department. The operators should work with certificates and pay attention to the wind speed during operation. It should also be noted that when the operation is stopped, the placement of the crane boat and the hanging ropes and safety ropes on the crane boat are very long, which will swing under the action of wind. When the wind is strong, the swing is very severe, which will cause damage to the finished product. (Yan Kangfu Fang forms a list of docids corresponding to wordld)

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