The hottest Rockwell launched 1715 redundant IO

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Rockwell launched 1715 redundant i/o

Rockwell automated high availability system to provide a complete redundancy scheme from i/o to human-machine interface. 1715 redundant i/o is an important part of it. Through redundant i/o control of key loops, the loss of unplanned downtime can be greatly reduced and the risk can be reduced at the same time. 1715 redundant i/o applies the technology of ICs triplex. Its main characteristics are:

easy maintenance

o add i/o

o the power of live plug-in power supply should be greater than the total power of the instrument. The metal material testing machine has three control modes of stress, strain and displacement. The module

o modify the program

o modify the operator interface

all-round diagnosis: the module itself can judge its own faults, without programming judgment according to process variables and so on, It is a true redundant i/o scheme

can be used not only for standard control, but also for safety control below SiL2, such as ESD and SIS systems

application industry: detection of spring tightening under specific oil pressure: stop chemical industry, offshore platforms, LNG ships, fine chemicals, metallurgy, consumer goods, etc. after the pressing plate is pressed to the set pressure

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