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Rockwell CEO discusses the future of industrial interconnection

Rockwell CEO discusses the future of industrial interconnection

--blake Moret discusses IOT and industrial productivity at Cisco 2017 global IOT forum

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Blake Moret, President and CEO of Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd., introduced the impact of IOT on Industrial productivity at Cisco global IOT forum held in London. (photo source: Aidan Synnott)

Blake Moret, President and CEO of Rockwell Automation, discussed the adoption of IOT and its impact on industrial productivity at the Cisco global IOT forum held in London today, and shared relevant insights with more than 1200 business leaders. As the only company specializing in industrial automation and information in the industry, Rockwell has its unique advantages and can recognize the challenges and opportunities related to the future of intelligent manufacturing

as described by Moret, as major institutions shift from the earthquake energy absorption systematic or theoretical verification IOT project of national patents to the deployment of scalable IOT, the positive achievements related to IOT will continue to accelerate. According to the global IOT decision maker survey released by IDC, nearly 1/3 (31%) of respondents have launched IOT solutions, and another 43% of respondents seek to deploy IOT solutions within the next 12 months. Rockwell has a similar trend in the deployment of IOT solutions, and will continue to increase the number of its experimental projects in major industries, applications and regions

moret said that manufacturers and industry operators are exploring practical ways to apply IOT to business. Ultimately, this initiative will bring considerable business value. Combining IOT technology and expertise in specific industrial applications can improve cooperation efficiency, shorten problem-solving time, and improve productivity

moret mentioned several factors that can promote the implementation of industrial IOT and interconnection operations, including the reduction of computing and interconnection costs according to their use, and the transformation of information technology and activity technology

moret explained how interconnected enterprises using IOT technology can make use of extensible analysis to provide correct information at all levels of business. In addition, the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. can detect a variety of raw materials, strengthen the control of industrial operation information, and deliver higher value. He mentioned Rockwell's customer, Great Lakes Brewing Co., which used extensible analysis to improve visibility and productivity in different operations

2017 global IOT forum discussed the impact of IOT on enterprises, technology and society. As their strategic partners, Rockwell and Cisco have been jointly developing industrial interconnection and security solutions for industrial digital transformation for a long time. With this cooperation, the two sides have helped manufacturers improve their business performance by filling the technical and cultural gap between factory sites and high-level information systems.

Moret said that we have excellent technology, high-quality employees and a strong culture, but another feature that makes us stand out in the same industry is our ability to cooperate with companies such as Cisco. Through the joint efforts of both parties, we have provided expertise and solutions for the highly safe and smooth interconnection between the operation site and the enterprise network, which are: non response layer, thermal response layer and pH response layer

Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. (nyse:rok) is the world's largest industrial automation and information company, committed to helping customers improve productivity and promote global sustainable development. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rockwell Automation has about 22000 employees and provides services to customers in more than 80 countries

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