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Rockwell Automation will show digital transformation and industrial IOT opportunities at Hannover Industrial Expo 2017

Guide: Rockwell Automation will show digital transformation and industrial IOT opportunities at Hannover Industrial Expo 2017. The company will Endress+ Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a nationally renowned enterprise, is welcome to call the consulting business Hauser and ODVA booth to display various technologies and solutions

(Milwaukee, March 23, 2017). Industrial enterprises around the world are carrying out digital transformation of their own operations in order to improve their competitiveness. Rockwell Automation will display the technologies, solutions and services that help enterprises successfully and firmly utilize industrial IOT at the 2017 Hannover Industrial Expo in Hannover, Germany, on April

digital transformation and measures such as industry 4.0 are undoubtedly the top priorities of manufacturers and industrial enterprises everywhere. Ou Ruitao, vice president of global business development of Rockwell Automation, said that we will work with our strategic partners to show how technologies such as inter device communication and augmented reality will help realize digital transformation and establish a truly connected enterprise, thereby bringing value to the enterprise

at the Expo, Rockwell Automation will display its products at several booths, including Microsoft, Cisco, endress+hauser and ODVA

microsoft (Hall 7, booth C40)

Rockwell Automation and Microsoft continue to cooperate on operation management and iiot solutions. At the Microsoft booth, Rockwell Automation will increase the demand for wood pulp to replace some waste paper imports, and will focus on a full range of MES and scalable analysis products from equipment level to enterprise level. This includes the factorytalk analytics for devices application, which has the Shelby robot function based on Microsoft Cortana and supports access to device health status and diagnosis through voice commands. Users can also access Shelby through Rockwell Automation's factorytalk teamone mobile application and learn how the factorytalk application integrates with the osisoft pi system

Rockwell Automation and Microsoft will also demonstrate virtual design through Microsoft hololens headphones. The headset can be combined with Rockwell Automation Software Studio 5000 development environment to create a mixed reality experience. Users can learn about the design and function of the machine before it is built, and use the digital twin model for training and visual design changes after the machine is built

participants will see the iiot packaging machine launched by CAMA group, the world's leading packaging machine manufacturer, which can be quickly switched using Rockwell Automation's itrak independent mobile pulley technology. This packaging machine can use factorytalk analytics for machines application and Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5480 controller on Windows 10 IOT operating system, and relay key KPI data with the help of Microsoft azure cloud platform to provide real-time production information for equipment manufacturers and end users

Cisco (Hall 8, booth C13)

Rockwell Automation and Cisco continue to cooperate on industrial networks and security solutions required for digital transformation. At the Cisco booth, participants will see the interconnected Jaguar f-pace car, which is produced by a production line using the plant wide integrated Ethernet (cpwe) network architecture. Cpwe architecture is jointly developed by Cisco and Rockwell Automation, aiming to provide users with a basic platform for deploying the latest technologies while reducing security risks

magnemover Lite independent mobile pulley system of magnemotion integrates flexible manufacturing and other information collection. Equipped with FANUC robots, the system will show manufacturers how to achieve flexible manufacturing, and the output is significantly higher than that of traditional mechanical transmission systems

attendees will also see Rockwell Automation and Panduit industrial data centers, which provide all the hardware needed to convert to a virtualized environment

endress+hauser (Hall 11, booth C43)

Rockwell Automation will display a variety of process solutions, including pre designed instruments and solutions that provide plant wide diagnostics and support larger scale system life cycle management. Participants will also learn about tools and guidance that will help reduce the risks, implementation time, and integration costs of their own process systems

odva (Hall 11, booth E55)

Rockwell Automation will also appear at the ODVA booth. Ethernet/ip developed by ODVA is currently a non proprietary Ethernet technology, which can realize real-time control and information processing in industrial environment

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