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Rokid Ruoqi held an AI sharing meeting to explore the trend of "Ai" with students of Zhejiang University

on October 10, at Zhejiang University, the domestic AI technology company rokid (Ruoqi) held a sharing meeting with the theme of "how we will move towards the future society of AI". At the meeting, Dr. Gao Peng, the person in charge of Beijing a-lab, Professor Feng Gang of the Sociology Department of Zhejiang University, and Jiang Gonglue, the chief designer of rokid (Ruoqi), had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the current development of AI technology, the relationship between AI technology and human beings and society, employment options in the AI era and other topics from different angles of technology and humanities, which brought a spark of thought about "artificial intelligence" to the students at Zhejiang University

with the development of science and technology, more and more people can come into contact with artificial intelligence, but many of them believe that artificial intelligence is "artificial mental retardation". Dr. Gao Peng expressed different views from the current AI technology itself. He believes that the current development of artificial intelligence is still in a very early stage. If measured by the percentage system, it may only be 10 points, and people's expectation of it is more than 80 points. In other words, the current intelligent products have not been as smart as humans, so it is inevitable to make mistakes when accepting or executing instructions. Therefore, when the real development stage of technology itself does not match the expectations in people's hearts, people will misunderstand this technology, such as thinking that artificial intelligence is "mentally retarded"

subsequently, Professor Feng Gang, Dr. Gao Peng and designer Jiang Gonglue also expressed their different opinions on the relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings and society. For example, about a theory put forward by the economist Keynes in 1930: when technology develops to a certain extent, everyone only works 15 hours a week. But the reality is that with the continuous progress of science and technology, modern people are getting busier and busier. They may work 15 hours a day

Professor Feng Gang believes that technological progress makes machines almost replace more than 70% of people's labor and make people get away from heavy work. But people will not let themselves "idle", so they will think and pursue at a deeper level, and then become more and more busy. Dr. Gao also said that when AI technology solves people's current needs, it will create more new needs, which requires people to meet. Jiang Gonglue agreed that human beings themselves can adjust the pressure of the system by changing the size of their input voltage. A highly competitive species, assuming that machines gradually threaten to replace human beings, human beings will more stimulate their sense of competition and make themselves stronger. This is why the more developed technology, the more busy people are

in terms of the social relationship between AI technology and the installation, Professor Feng Gang believes that the things it can replace, whether machine or artificial intelligence, are those with computability, and the illusory things such as inspiration and human nature in human body cannot be digitized. Therefore, artificial intelligence can only replace competitive work. When all competition is replaced by it, it will urge the transformation of this competitive society, turning to human beings more like people and machines more like machines. He believes that artificial intelligence will lead the current society to a great wisdom transformation of the whole mankind

Dr. Gao Peng also said that he was optimistic about the development of AI technology. He believes that technology provides people with more possibilities and narrows the gap between people in society. For example, in the past, only rich people could use carrier pigeons to quickly deliver messages, but now people can basically contact each other at any time. Especially in the era of artificial intelligence, AI technology will enable more people to master technology and enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by technology

in addition to sharing their views on AI, Dr. Gao, Professor Feng and designer Jiang also helped the students of Zhejiang University who attended the sharing meeting to answer some of their questions about AI. For example, a classmate asked: in the future, artificial intelligence will become more and more developed. Will it bring more and more threats, such as replacing people's emotions or being maliciously used. Jianggonglue's designer said that rokid (Ruoqi) is very opposed to using machines to replace the real feelings between people. They prefer to use products to promote the communication between people and their family and friends, so they created the game of "werewolf killing" with smart speakers to increase the opportunities for people to get along. As for the possibility that AI will be maliciously used, Dr. Gao Peng believes that we need to be optimistic about it. After all, the current technology has not yet reached the stage of out of control. 4 when we need to query the more important aspect that has been stored in the machine is to record the test results of each fresh face sample or sample group of this group, we can start to prevent it in its early stage and let it become our assistant, For example, rokid (Ruoqi) uses artificial intelligence to create a variety of intelligent voice assistants

of course, for on-site college students, we are more concerned about how to choose employment in the era of AI. Both Dr. Gao Peng and Professor Feng Gang believe that they should follow their own heart. They feel that they should choose their future work and career from their own heart and positioning. Designer Jiang said that the initial mission of rokid (Ruoqi) is to "let everyone enjoy technology". If you are interested in AI and want to further learn relevant knowledge and explore the future of AI, join rokid (Ruoqi)

on October 18, rokid 2019 campus recruitment will also go to Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology. Interested students must not miss it

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