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The current situation and development of carton machinery (Part 2)

the most advanced corrugated board production line abroad. In the 1990s, the modern carton industry entered the stage of more extensive application of computers and high-tech. Production link control, process control, automatic control of the whole production line and the production and operation of the whole plant have become commonplace

the new structure and technological innovation of each single host, connecting link and auxiliary equipment on the corrugated board production line, as well as the high-tech application of key parts such as corrugated rollers, cross cutting machine knife shafts and knife bodies, have been described at previous industry conferences, and will not be repeated due to space and time constraints. This paper introduces the technological innovation of two key hosts, one-sided machine and two-sided machine, which directly affect the speed and performance of tile line

1995 was the centennial of the founding of Langston company in the United States. The world's first multi corrugated single-sided machine was born. It is a positive pressure type quick change corrugated roller structure. Groups of corrugated rollers are placed on a movable car to realize the replacement of corrugated type by exiting and moving in. It should be said that this is the first initiative. Since then, there have been super 90acs multi corrugated single-sided machine (air cushion positive pressure, trolley mobile type) launched by Italian agratti company, and box type RAM positive pressure multi corrugated single-sided machine of German Peter company; Maguire company of the United States made a replaceable corrugated type with super large upper corrugated roller (d1=40 "~ 48", Dmax) in March, 1998= φ 1120mm) and the unique innovative structure of the extra small lower corrugating roller (d2=127mm), the single-sided machine pyr6bondtm, vmax=395 M/min (when the a corrugating roller is running)

this machine is dedicated to the carton world as a gift for the 30th anniversary of the company. The development took two and a half years, and 150 engineers participated in the closed research, design and production. It is said that this extra large and extra small corrugating roll forming structure makes the path of the core paper passing through the zigzag channel between the two corrugating rolls shorter, the contact between the paper and the top of the corrugating roll is reduced, and the clamping pressure of the forming is also reduced. The wrapping angle and length of the formed corrugating paper on the extra large corrugating roll are 4-5 times that of the traditional single face machine, so it is well bonded. Turn slightly to the right with the rubber material and continue to drive 470 meters along G220, contributing to the reliability of ultra-high speed operation; The contact wear of the small corrugating roller is reduced to 1/3 of the traditional model. Cavonic company in Engel, Germany, launched the iBT process; The wear of the upper corrugation due to its large diameter is also very small, which is called zero wear; The small corrugating roller is also durable and wear-resistant due to special surface treatment; Once the roller needs to be replaced, just replace the small corrugated roller. It is said that after several sets of this machine were sold, it failed to be popularized due to many factors such as high price, high precision and high difficulty of production. However, this innovative and extraordinary spirit and style is the root of the rapid development and innovation of American carton machinery

the flip type quick change corrugated roller single-sided machine has been patented. It is an innovative structure of BHS company in Germany and Simon company in Britain. It is commonly known as the calendar type single-sided machine. The change of corrugated roller type is faster and simpler than the translation type, just like the flip calendar. Its principle and advantages can be explained in the figure and will not be repeated. There are many mysteries in their pre-regulation of the surface and lining paper, the setting and positioning of the gluing mechanism and the giving way when changing the roll, and whether the positive pressure box type closure or the sealing scraper type closure makes the positive pressure not leak. There are several lines running in China for the flip type quick change multi corrugating roll single-sided machine (patent) of German BHS company

the hot foot double-sided machine (i.e. flat pressing type) of American corrugating machine gear and service company, as well as the top belt free double-sided machine composed of similar flat pressing pressure mechanism of American corrugating machine gear sprocket company, has adjustable pressure, fast heat transfer and heat capacity, which is conducive to drying and improving speed

American SCM company is inseparable from the technology department and British SHS company's short press high thermal efficiency double-sided machine (obtained British patent) with no conveyor belt at the top and bottom. Its hot section is 7950mm long, and the cooling transmission section is 2660mm. The paperboard is dragged by the eyelet vacuum conveyor belt. The pressurization structure is three groups of pressing plates, each of which is a group, which can be adjusted by lifting and adjusting the heat. Each group uses hot air to pressurize the pressing plate part, so that the heat conduction and drying are extremely rapid

the double-sided machine of United Carton Machinery Co., Ltd. uses superheated steam to spray into the hot plate with densely arranged holes like a gun shot, and applies heat and pressure to the paperboard and hot plate in the way of penetrating heating, so as to achieve the effect of rapid drying

the patented controllable hot double-sided machine of German Peter company has a small thermal initial clamping force segment divided into 3 or more segments. The hot plate is composed of a very precise square tube with a wall thickness of 4mm, and the heat transfer is rapid. The pressurization is completed by the hot air pressurization system. Each section is equipped with an infrared thermal sensor to measure the temperature, cooperate with the microcomputer to control the fully automatic adjustable steam valve, adjust the steam inlet and its flow, and adjust the temperature within a few seconds to realize the closed-loop temperature control of the double-sided machine. The thermal efficiency is very high. It is a very advanced and original system, which is unique in the carton industry. The automatic temperature control system was developed by Peter company and the famous Donahue and cooperative international company, which provided it

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