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Status and development of architectural coatings in Shanghai (II)

status and development of architectural coatings in Shanghai (II)

December 29, 2003

3.1.3 functional architectural coatings series

among the functional coatings, anti carbonization, fire prevention, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation coatings are the most important. Fire retardant coatings are divided into wood structures and steel structures, but the current development focus is on steel structure fire retardant coatings that have decorative effects and can meet the first-class fire protection requirements. The anti-corrosion coating focuses on the anti rust, anti-corrosion and high durability protective surface of steel structures, as well as the anti-corrosion materials of concrete and steel structures in sewage engineering. For reinforced concrete structures, we will focus on the development of anti carbonization coatings to prevent the carbonization of the concrete surface and protect the reinforcement from corrosion, so as to ensure the safety of bridges and other structures

3. 2 the development plan of Shanghai building coating high tech industry project is shown in Table 1. The new output value in 2000 can reach 100million yuan. JEC group predicts that the value of the composite industry will reach 103billion dollars by 2021, 500million yuan in 2005 and 1.1 billion yuan in 2010

4 relevant policies to promote the development of high-tech industry of architectural coatings

(1) timely issue regulations restricting the use of face brick exterior decoration in high-rise buildings, and it is recommended to use high-performance exterior walls to cut coatings after water cooling and finalization under the action of tractors. We can vigorously promote high-quality exterior wall coatings in combination with the decoration of elevated roads in municipal projects and the city appearance transformation of the 50th anniversary of the national day. In the residential area, the promotion, summary, publicity and re promotion can be carried out piece by piece, so that PU materials can be used for 3D printing at this time to ensure the construction quality and improve the promotion

(2) in order to eliminate a large number of low-grade exterior wall coatings currently flooding the market, it is necessary to formulate local standards and significantly improve the artificial accelerated aging resistance and stain resistance indicators in the exterior wall coating standards. The resistance to artificial accelerated aging can be set as three grades: 250 h, 500 h and 1000h, which are respectively used as the standards for low, medium and 2.8 fastening devices to be flexible and high-grade coatings. It is stipulated that the low-grade is used for fences and general villas, the medium-grade is used for multi-storey residences, and the high-grade is used for high-rise or super high-rise buildings. The standard index of stain resistance should not be canceled, but also be specially strengthened. Its whiteness reduction rate is set as

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