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The implementation of RoHS is imminent, and thermoelectric re signed a big order

Shanghai, China (June 29, 2006) – thermoelectric company, the world's leading analytical instrument research and development and manufacturing company, recently received a big order from Foxconn in Taiwan, providing 23 ARL quant 'X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for its South China testing laboratory to quickly analyze whether plastics and alloys in electronic products contain harmful elements specified in the RoHS directive, To limit the application of harmful substances in electronic products. ARL quant 'X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is the most cost-effective energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (EDXRF) in the market, which can achieve the unparalleled detection sensitivity and indispensable degree of freedom required by RoHS and WEEE regulations. The technical supervision bureaus of many provinces and cities in China such as Zhejiang, Nanjing, Shandong, Henan and other places have adopted this instrument for RoHS detection

thermoelectric company won in the fierce bidding, thanks to its world-leading cutting-edge technology and comprehensive technical support, "Foxconn is a long-term strategic alliance of many well-known computer, communication and consumer electronics testing program manufacturers that regulate different institutions. It ranks among the top three EMS in the world and has high requirements for the testing and analysis of electronic products. Foxconn's purchase of ROHS testing and analysis instruments is a prudent decision made after in-depth and detailed evaluation and multiple rounds of comparison of the products of many well-known analytical instrument manufacturers." Wang Jian, the product manager of the thermoelectric scientific instrument department, automatically records the relationship curve between the moving distance of the collet of the experimental machine (the relationship curve between the force and the stripping length). Mr. Hua introduced, "ARL quant 'X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, a proprietary electrically cooled Si (LI) detector and unique digital pulse processing (DPP) The technology is suitable for high-performance and multi-element analysis in industrial manufacturing. Through the built-in Ethernet technology, ARL quant 'X-ray fluorescence spectrometer can exchange data with any computer and support Windows XP or higher. The high-performance operation makes users do not need to consider the traditional complicated water cooling, liquid nitrogen or expensive daily maintenance, and the operation cost of using the instrument is close to zero. "

thermoelectric company has comprehensive analysis equipment and laboratory software for electronic and electrical analysis, detection and measurement. The successful acquisition of niton last year has enriched customers' choices. Niton handheld XRF analyzer accounts for 80% of the global market share of portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer, and it is the best test means to quickly screen rohs/weee instructions. Moreover, this product has many advantages, such as easy to use and unrestricted by occasions, and can display the analysis results in real time. Foxconn, IBM, Lenovo, Sanyo, Panasonic, Philips and other international famous companies have already begun to use niton's portable devices as an effective tool for internal quality management. Thermoelectric also provides the world's leading laboratory information management system (LIMS) to help electronic and electrical equipment manufacturers better comply with the new rohs/weee directives and timely understand whether the materials and components used in products meet environmental protection requirements. Due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, EU ROHS will be implemented in July this year. The AA spectrometer, ICP-OES spectrometer, UV Vis photometer, XRF analyzer, GC-MS combined instrument, FT-IR spectrometer and laboratory analysis software (LIMS) provided by thermoelectric will not only help enterprises comprehensively cope with the challenges of new environmental protection regulations, but also enhance the competitiveness of domestic information electronics manufacturers in the international market. Green environmental protection is the inevitable trend of the electronic industry. With the help of analytical instruments and service experts such as thermoelectricity, enterprises can help meet the challenges of the full implementation of rohs/weee directives by providing cutting-edge detection equipment, perfect product toxic substance control and detection schemes, and professional technical support

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