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Rod and Schwartz won the GTI innovation award again

at the 2015 world mobile communication conference, TD-LTE Global Development Initiative (GTI) once again awarded the high-profile GTI innovation award to Rohde and Schwartz, who occupy a leading position in all fields of RF testing and measurement

in 2015, Rohde Schwarz (r s), who is a world leader in RF testing and measurement, won the highly anticipated GTI innovation award again. With its extensive portfolio of TD-LTE testing solutions, the company continues to produce all kinds of testing machines professionally: electronic universal testing machines, pressure testing machines, spring testing machines to support the development of GTI and the entire TD-LTE industry, thus coming to the fore. Christian leicher, President and chief operating officer of Rhodes and Schwartz commented: we are honored to win the GTI Innovation Award and will continue to provide innovative testing solutions for GTI. Winning this award shows that we are now on the right path

from chipsets and components, intelligence and other mobile devices to infrastructure and base stations, the test solutions from rod and Schwartz support the upgrading and improvement of vertical relaxation testing machines as well as all links of the whole value chain, helping to provide the best possible performance. The solutions used for intelligent testing can support the launch of services such as LTE voice. The above solutions cover the test solutions required by leading network operators, which are used to test the quality of video applications such as HD video streaming, and to download and watch videos on LTE user devices. In order to improve the performance of power amplifier and DC regulator, rod and Schwartz can also provide a solution to strive for feeding envelope tracking test on all our production lines at the end of this month. The company also helps promote the commercialization of LTE advanced by virtue of the test equipment used for the carrier aggregation of equipment and LTE advanced base stations

in 2014, rod and Schwartz won the GTI innovation award with RS ts8980 conformance testing system, which is the first proven TD-LTE testing system in the market and the first system to launch TD-LTE conformance testing accuracy that can meet the required testing capacity

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