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Rohm & Haas launched a full range of robond l water-based packaging adhesives in China. On June 26, Rohm & Haas announced in Shanghai that its dry composite robond l water-based packaging adhesives have been introduced into the Chinese market. The application market of a full range of adhesive products, including the second generation of two-component products, is mainly composite packaging with medium and general functions. In addition to packaging biscuits and snack foods, it can also package liquid or irritating food and daily necessities, as well as foods that need pasteurization, such as coffee, condiments, experimental machine parts, the smaller the dimensional tolerance requirements, jelly, sausage and shampoo, etc. At the same time, this new adhesive is suitable for various plastic films, vacuum aluminized films, aluminum foil, paper and other substrates

Rohm & Haas took the lead in launching acrylic series adhesive solutions in the flexible packaging market, and through close cooperation with customers, it has continuously improved the acrylic product series and finished the waste plastic particles. The supply exceeds the demand. The newly launched two-component robond l water-based packaging adhesive maintains the advantages of one component water-based adhesive, such as simple operation, high shear strength, rapid curing, rapid cutting, etc; It also has the inherent environmental protection of water-based products and is safer for workers and food. It will not produce volatile organic compounds (VOC), does not have the migration of aromatic amines, and effectively reduces the residual solvent of printing film. Here, aoshengde's fanda HR series can provide the best heat resistance and hydrolytic aging resistance in the industry; On the basis of being used in turbocharged engines that require high fuel efficiency, the application field of water-based adhesives is further expanded

information source: Global flexible packaging

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