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Rockwell Automation launched the U.S. Department of energy test platform project at the U.S. Army manufacturing plant (on December 12, 2013, Milwaukee, the United States, about $495million). Rockwell Automation recently announced that it has launched an optimization project for the manufacturing assets of a U.S. Army owned metal parts factory. The plant is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is operated by the contractor. The optimization project is one of the two major test platforms in the smart manufacturing leadership Alliance (SMLC) project. The SMLC project costs US $10million to develop the first open intelligent manufacturing (SM) platform in the United States

supported by the U.S. Department of energy, this project will show people how to use SMLC's SM platform to conduct real-time energy management for multiple small, medium-sized or large U.S. manufacturing enterprises. Such technologies developed by SMLC are expected to improve energy productivity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and expand production

Rockwell Automation is one of the main members of SMLC. Its main members also include the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California at Los Angeles, Emerson, Honeywell automation and control systems, Schneider Electric, Praxair, etc. In this project, Rockwell Automation is responsible for collecting energy data in the existing automation system, strengthening asset detection and deploying other automation control hardware and software, including engineering design services to support U.S. Department of energy projects. Working closely with other alliance members can ensure that the SM platform is compatible with a variety of process control and energy management systems and other manufacturing applications or applications

for the DOE test platform, we will use existing automation systems that support open communication protocols to extract previously unavailable energy data from furnaces and other operating equipment, said Phil Kaufman, business manager of energy management for Rockwell Automation industry. According to the energy data related to production data, we will have the opportunity to implement energy-saving measures immediately

this test platform project includes blank preheating, forging, finishing and heat treatment processes that consume a lot of energy. Although there is a set of control system in the factory, the furnace and processing system have not been optimized, so it is impossible to reduce energy consumption in real time, Kaufman continued

Rockwell Automation will also provide an innovative energy sensing control system that can optimize the energy of the furnace test platform for full measurement to verify the high simulation model of the combustion process in the SM platform. The energy data in the equipment will be transmitted through ethernet/ip network and provided to Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system. In this system, factory data will be safely provided to a variety of applications through the SM platform

in this test platform, the high simulation model in the cloud will be used as a reduced order model to optimize the furnace combustion process. The optimization results and objectives of the furnace will be transmitted back to the integrated architecture system from the SM platform, and the operator can adjust the process accordingly. Kaufman continued that in this project, we are also responsible for adding a large number of Rockwell automatic energy sensing devices to measure and control the fuel and gas flow in different areas of the furnace, so as to maximize energy productivity

about Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. (nyse: ROK) is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and informatization. Its mission is to help customers improve productivity and promote sustainable development in the world. Rockwell Automation integrates well-known brands in the field of industrial automation, including Allen Bradley's control products and engineering services and the automation management software developed by Rockwell software. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Rockwell Automation has branches in more than 80 countries and currently employs about 22000 people

Rockwell Automation in China

in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 2000 employees and 37 sales agencies (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). At present, five training centers, one R & D center, Dalian software development center, OEM application development centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, and three production bases have been established. The company has actively cooperated with 12 authorized channel partners and 58 key universities in China to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry

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