Don't take these regret drugs when decorating

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At the beginning of the peak decoration season, owners should first listen to the opinions of insiders, so as not to take "regret medicine" afterwards

as the decoration season begins, owners should first listen to the opinions of insiders to avoid taking "regret medicine" afterwards

walls many people like to paint the walls colorful, which is very emotional, but they choose inferior latex paint, which is particularly old after a long time, unless they re paint or put on wallpaper. So white is the safest and never out of date

sanitary ware sanitary ware accounts for a large part of the decoration cost. Many people love money and are reluctant to buy sanitary ware. Either the toilet is blocked, or the water in the shower is not smooth, and the toilet is very noisy, which affects the sleep of their families at night

carpentry many people like to make ceiling and put cabinets on the wall, but the actual situation is that the furniture bought back is difficult to match with these carpentry works, and the furniture can be thrown away after a long time, but it is difficult to dismantle these carpentry works, especially those on the wall. If they are dismantled, it will also affect the beauty

ceramic tiles in order to save money, they didn't buy good ceramic tiles at the beginning. Bad ceramic tiles have strong water absorption, and soy sauce and stains are easy to be sucked in, which is difficult to clean up





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