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As the darling of parents, children sleep for a long time when they are just born, so many parents will choose a good bed for their children. At present, there are many brands of children's furniture on the market, and the quality is uneven, so consumers will hesitate to choose. Next, let's introduce the top ten brands of children's furniture

top ten brands of children's furniture

1. Disney

Disney children's furniture was founded in 2005, with different brand names “ Mickey, Mickey world ” To Disney today. Disney brand has promoted children's furniture from a simple functional level to the realm of cultural life. Give children a romantic cartoon world

2. Fleur flexa

Fleur flexa children's furniture is a European brand, and safety and comfort are the biggest characteristics of Fleur flexa brand, which can create an interesting, imaginative and creative game space for children

3. Love more

love more is a brand under Evergrande furniture company, focusing on pure pink. It is a representative brand in the children's furniture market and has been unanimously recognized by parents

4. Hello kitty

hello Kitty is a high-end children's furniture designed for girls, and the lovely, fashionable and dreamy Hello Kitty children's furniture brand has always been the best pursued by girls

5. Ximengbao

ximengbao focuses on the natural style with log color as the main tone, and advocates real health and environmental protection furniture

6. Colorful life

colorful life was founded in 1999. The company is located in Longgang, Shenzhen. It is a relatively large furniture production base for young people and children in Asia

7. Pure years

pure years children's furniture was founded in 2004. It is a professional manufacturer of panel furniture and solid wood furniture, which can create a pure years for children

8. DreamTime

as a leading brand in the industry, dreamtime children's furniture is characterized by durability, safety, simplicity, fashion and green environmental protection

9. Songbao Kingdom

Songbao Kingdom Children's furniture was established in 2001. After several years of operation, consumers gradually formed “ Buy children's furniture made of pine and recognize the kingdom of Songbao ” Concept of

10. Kumanju

kumanju children's furniture was founded in 2008. Kumanju children's furniture has many international partners, which can provide children with a healthy and happy lifestyle

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the top ten brands of children's furniture. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it




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