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Anhui Lanshi Industrial Glass Co., Ltd. and several well-known domestic scientific and technological research institutes and universities have jointly researched high-performance single-chip cesium potassium fireproof glass, which has been officially put into mass production. It has also obtained certificates from authoritative institutions and relevant national departments. The fire-proof glass produced by Lanshi glass has been widely used in large-scale construction projects and is a long-term partner of Wanda Group with stable export growth

fireproof glass is a kind of protective material to prevent accidental fire in buildings and control the spread of fire. It is a kind of high-quality float glass processed and treated by special processes, ion conversion on its surface and structure, and in-depth processing of chemical and physical changes

the high-performance single piece cesium potassium fireproof glass researched and developed by Lanshi Industrial Glass Co., Ltd. can resist fire and fire for nearly two hours at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius, which causes uneven stress on the inclined plane of the wedge-shaped mouth. Some reasons are caused by the machine itself, which can win valuable time for personnel to escape and rescue in case of fire. Fire prevention because there are special fire-resistant and fireproof materials in the glass surface and structure, the fire-proof glass will not be damaged or penetrated in case of fire, which can effectively prevent heat conduction and radiation to the opposite side, and isolate the spread of fire, becoming an internal escape passage and external escape passage of the building. 4 The protective and safety materials for the wall of the end wear tester provide safety guarantee for public places and office buildings

the fire-proof glass of Anhui Lanshi Industrial Glass Co., Ltd. has passed the comprehensive testing of the state and authoritative institutions. Various technical indicators meet the class C requirements of GB non insulated fire-proof glass, and has reached the most advanced technical level in the field of fire-proof glass in China

for more than ten years, Lanshi Industrial Glass Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of scientific research funds and scientific research strength in the field of new materials in the research and development of new technologies for fire-proof glass. It has been making new breakthroughs and has independent intellectual property rights, breaking the technological monopoly at home and abroad. At the same time, the expert team and the construction engineering units applying fire-proof glass were organized to jointly explore the innovative application of fire-proof glass and jointly promote the technical progress in the field of safety protection in China

based on its own corporate mission and society, Anhui Lanshi Industrial Glass Co., Ltd. has taken on the responsibility of caring for life and ensuring people's life and property, and won praise from the industry and the whole society

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