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Blink switch electric light Chongqing University has come up with "black technology"

recently, Professor huchenguo of Chongqing University, academician wangzhonglin of Chinese Academy of Sciences and his team published a scientific research paper on "using friction nano power generation technology to build an eye triggered self driving dynamic official control human-computer interaction system" in the American Journal of scientific progress. In this study, a new type of sensor is designed, which is fixed on glasses to detect blinking action and complete daily tasks such as switching on and off household appliances

the sensor is composed of two layers of thin films

the sensor fixed on the glasses

captures the tiny movement of the canthus skin

Professor Hu Chengguo said: "To put it simply, this technology is an interaction between people and machines. Inspired by Google glasses, the sensor is fixed on the leg of the glasses, and the quality weak point control is continuously improved through the senses - blinking, operating the machine to complete activities such as inputting text, switching on and off various devices. With this technology, people seem to have an extra 'hand', and this' hand 'can also help you complete some other activities."

according to Professor Hu, the sensor is composed of two layers of thin films, with a certain interval between them. It is mounted on the spectacle legs and contacts the skin near the corners of the eyes. When the eyes blink, the tiny metal carburized layer on the skin around the corners of the eyes will bring more and more diversified opportunities. The test movement will make the two films come into contact; When you open your eyes after blinking, the two films will separate. By preparing a conductive layer on the back of the film, the pulse electrical signal corresponding to blinking can be generated

the average eye muscle affects people 100000 times, about 17000 times a day. How does this technology distinguish between active blinking and passive blinking in such frequent blinks? It turns out that active blinking is different from passive blinking. The signal of active blinking is stronger. After later data processing, the sensor can filter out the interference of passive blinking

can open the door Professor Hu chenguo said: "In the future, this technology can be used in smart homes. For example, when you are carrying things with both hands, you can ring the doorbell or open the door automatically by blinking your eyes. Another example is that before going to bed, lazy people often don't want to get up and turn off the lights. At this time, they just need to blink their eyes to turn off the lights automatically. In addition, when this technology is applied to cars, when you hold the steering wheel with both hands, you can control multimedia settings by blinking your eyes Preparing and adjusting windows and seats can reduce accidents and improve driving safety. "

in addition to bringing convenience to people's daily life, Hu chenguo said: "when this technology is applied to the field of criminal investigation, it becomes possible to control machines or transmit words through senses in a hidden environment!" It seems that with this technology, the scenes that can only appear in sci-fi blockbusters and criminal investigation stories may become a reality in the future

developing signals from other parts of the body

at present, the team is also actively studying signal development and trigger self driven sensory control methods from other parts of the body. In addition to benefiting ordinary people, the team believes that the more significant significance of this achievement lies in providing a way to communicate with the outside world for specific groups such as "frostbite" and "autism syndrome"

as Hu chenguo predicted, "we hope more people will pay attention to this technology, and the practical application of this research can enable the disabled group to communicate with the outside world by blinking their eyes." Puxianjie, a human-computer interaction and signal processing expert in the team, told: "the cost of this technology itself is very low, and the sensors can also be used repeatedly. The future popularization and development is also very data backup: it is possible to save the test data in any hard disk partition."

at present, this research is still in the basic research and development stage. The whole team also hopes to expand the use of this technology in various fields, form a complete system, and bring more help to people's lives

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