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Bluestar has become the largest production base of colored glass in China recently, China glass holding company has adjusted its organizational structure. The production and operation of colored glass of Weihai Bluestar Glass Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Bluestar Glass Co., Ltd., which are plastic raw materials located on the second floor of the exhibition hall, have been systematically straightened without damaging the surface of the wire rod. As a result, the Weihai operation center has been established, Weihai Bluestar Glass Co., Ltd. is the headquarters of the operation center. After the unified operation of Bluestar color glass, it can give full play to its regional advantages, make use of resource sharing, and meet the market demand to the greatest extent. Bluestar will also become the largest color glass production base in China, with significant advantages

first, there are a great variety of products. On the basis of Weihai's original Weihai Blue, Ford blue, royal blue, modern grey, natural green, European tea and other colored glasses and corresponding coated glasses, and supplemented by Xianyang silver grey, Wuhai sapphire blue, gold tea, grey tea and other colored glasses, Bluestar can provide the most colorful and most complete colored glasses and coated glasses in China. The six colored glass production lines can not only meet the market demand for various colored glasses, but also minimize the economic losses caused by frequent color changes

second, regional advantages are prominent. Bluestar's three production bases are located in Weihai, Shandong, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia and Xianyang, Shaanxi. As the glass sales are restricted by the effective sales radius, the three bases can give full play to regional advantages and expand sales within the effective sales radius. Make full use of the geographical advantages. For example, Weihai can organize shipping, Xianyang and Wuhai mainly rely on the delivery of carts to meet the customer's demand for products to the greatest extent. Bluestar also has a transit warehouse in Qingdao. Conventional products of Wuhai and Xianyang can be directly picked up from Qingdao

third, the sales network is more sound. The original sales networks of the three production bases are under unified management, and the qualification of authorized dealers is re determined. Once the original dealers of each base are determined, they can directly sell the products of the three production bases under Weihai operation center. Users can directly purchase the colored glass of Weihai, Wuhai and Xianyang under Bluestar from the original suppliers

fourth, give full play to the role of business manager to provide customers with all-round services. Bluestar's more than 50 business managers engaged in front-line sales work are distributed in major cities across the country. They help dealers carry out business work locally, help cultivate dealers' business teams, develop secondary sales networks, cooperate with project tackling, communicate manufacturers' information, transfer the most advanced industrial knowledge, put forward reasonable suggestions for dealers' operation, etc., and work together with the majority of dealers to achieve win-win results

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