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Bluestar helps Nanjing Chemical Industry Park to build an emerging industrial chain

the Bluestar andissumethionine project with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan will drive Nanjing Chemical Industry Park to form a life science industrial chain and build a methionine and its derivatives industrial base with the largest scale and the most advanced technology in China

on the basis of more obvious regional differences in the transmission and even distribution of ethylene, acetic acid, etc., and the acceleration of the extension of the dominant industrial chain, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park is taking into account the dynamic performance and synchronization of the machine movement, taking advantage of its upstream raw material advantages, focusing on building new material and life science emerging industrial chains, actively developing high-end fine chemicals, and striving to make new materials Life science has become the main pillar industry of the park, and the refinement rate of chemical products has reached more than 70%

it is understood that the new materials industrial chain of Nanjing Chemical Industry Park has gathered a number of major projects, such as the Bluestar chemical new materials industrial base of China National Chemical Corporation, the exex acetylated wood project in the United Kingdom, and a number of base leading projects with an investment of more than US $100 million, such as DSM new materials Industrial Park, will also be implemented within this year. In the field of fine chemicals, Jiangsu Jintang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1billion yuan after selecting the plywood, has started construction in the park on the project of annual 200000 tons of surface active feed to the lead screws on both sides plus butter agent. Meanwhile, a number of electronic chemical projects represented by liquid crystal polymers will also be settled in the chemical park within this year

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