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Languang will launch two new packaging testing equipment

Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has recently launched two newly developed packaging testing equipment - the following are some methods: electrolytic moisture permeability tester and heat sealing tensile tester

according to the introduction of Ms. xumeilin from the management department of LAN GUANG company to PD China, "these two detection devices were successfully developed in July and will be introduced to the market for the first time at the exhibition in October. The heat sealing tensile tester is applicable to the detection in the packaging process of film bags, while the electrolytic moisture permeable tester is applicable to the medical and pharmaceutical industry."

this tsy-w3 electrolytic moisture permeability tester recently developed by Jinan Languang is the first moisture permeability tester manufactured in China based on the principle of electrolytic method, and is manufactured according to ISO and DIN standards. The system has high sensitivity, stable operation performance, accurate and reliable test results and very simple operation. Another advantage of the instrument is that it can provide a wider range of test environment, and has little requirements for the laboratory environment itself. It can change the temperature and humidity of the test chamber according to the needs of users, and simulate more storage environments, so as to provide rich and reliable data for material manufacturers to adjust materials more reasonably and save costs

the heat sealing tensile tester solves the problem of testing the thermal viscosity of flexible packaging materials in the hot state, and fills the blank of domestic packaging testing instruments in this regard

in the actual packaging production process, due to the short interval between the two operations from heat sealing bag making to content filling, it is often necessary to fill the content before the sealing temperature has cooled to normal temperature. If the strength of the heat sealing part cannot withstand the rupture force caused by filling at this time, the bag will be broken in the packaging process. For a long time, the heat sealing strength test of packaging materials has been carried out only after it is cooled to room temperature. This htt-l1 heat sealing tensile tester of Languang is developed with reference to ASTM f1921, ASTM f2029 and other relevant standards, which can easily realize the heat viscosity test and help manufacturers reasonably adjust the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure, heat sealing time and other parameters of packaging materials in the hot state

LAN Guang is a high-tech company specialized in testing theory research and testing instrument manufacturing. It serves the product quality control in packaging, printing and other industries. It has barrier laboratories that meet global standards, and has provided more than 10000 sets of testing equipment for more than 2000 Chinese and foreign customers

recently, Jinan Languang products have become the only one selected by Amway (China) quality laboratory. The feature of this kind is that the weight of the equipment is heavier than that of the equipment with the same volume of materials. Guangzhou and Zhanjiang Pepsi beverage companies have also introduced Languang friction coefficient meter and other products to conduct digital analysis on the quality of shrink film wrapped in beverages. Languang moisture permeability tester, carton compression tester and other packaging material testing equipment have also been settled in Sanjin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. to help it effectively improve the quality control of drug packaging materials

since 2003, blue light detection instruments have entered the international market. At present, the sales agencies in the UK, Turkey, Germany and other places have been put into operation

information source: packaging digest china

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