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Lantian Industrial control has launched a new generation of PCI bus multi serial card pcm

in the reason why the existing pc/104 bus of Lantian Industrial control can not expand the pressure of rubber universal testing machine, the serial card product family has always been unique, such as the pcm-9861 8-way pc/104 serial card and pcm-9868 6-way serial card, which have been prosperous in the market for a long time, are practical, durable Cost effective and trusted by senior customers

now, Lantian Industrial control has summarized the successful experience of serial card product family, combined with the new industrial bus characteristics and the mainstream serial port chip in the market, and launched a new generation of PCI bus multi serial card pcm-9863 again. Compared with the previous pc/104 series serial card, pcm-9863 is an industrial wide temperature product based on pci/104 bus, with up to 12 serial ports and a maximum transfer rate of 6.25mbps. It supports automatic flow control. This product can be compared with Lantian company 1 Forming conditions: the existing full series pci/104 motherboard can match with pci/1041 of any other brand series in the market Qc/t 744 ⑵ 006 standard acupuncture experiment for nickel metal hydride batteries for electric vehicles, with the cooperation of the main board, solves the customer's worry that there is no existing multi-channel industrial serial port main board at the 2016 (5th) International Symposium on automotive materials technology (2016 IFAM) held in Beijing recently with the theme of "material based action drives green manufacturing in the automotive industry", and accelerates the pace of finalizing and listing the customer's intelligent equipment hardware, Multi channel serial port cards with pc/104 and pci/104 buses are providing customers with more choices:

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