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Bloom and Ni announced the establishment of a HIL technology evolution Center for aerospace and defense organizations. On April 21, 2021, bloom Controls Inc. (Bloom) and Ni (nasdaq:nati), test system experts in the aerospace and defense fields in Austin, Texas, announced the establishment of the industry's first hardware in the loop (HIL) technology evolution center, which is managed by bloom at the company headquarters in South Windsor, Connecticut

field replaceable units (LRUs) with integrated electronic controls and computers are almost ubiquitous in all aerospace and defense applications. In order to ensure reliable operation in all mission scenarios, the Jinan assay tensile tester in the system integration laboratory is mainly used in the tensile, contraction, zigzag, peel, shear and tear tests (SIL) of non-metallic materials such as tape, rubber, plastic, sea/foam, waterproof materials, wires and cables, textiles, mesh ropes, non-woven fabrics and metal wires, metal foils, metal plates and metal rods, The HIL test system is used to simulate all input and output of the vehicle during a task to complete the comprehensive test of these components. These test systems usually include hybrid solutions of customized, legacy from the previous generation, and COTS technology on the commercial shelf, which must be guaranteed to run for decades

hil technology evolution center can help organizations in aerospace and defense industries reduce the risk and cost of migrating test assets to new technologies, including the adoption of new convertible cots hardware and software, such as Ni PXI, SLSC and veristand, which are shown in the bloom simulation reference system; It can also evaluate new test methods without risking existing test assets in operation. The center can also be used as a low-risk testing ground to manage customers' hardware and software obsolescence issues, and develop a proven deployment plan, so that existing test assets can be fully operational throughout their life cycle

it is not a one-time thing to establish a test system in the aerospace and national defense fields. It takes years or even longer to support technology insertion, code migration and other maintenance. Luke Schreier, general manager and vice president of Ni's aviation, defense and government business division, said: with the continuous development of products provided by Ni to solve complex LRUs and support customers' digital transformation plan, take the springs on vehicles as an example, our partners will also work hard to realize this long-term value. We are glad to cooperate with bloom to establish this technology evolution center to help our common customers reduce the overall project risk and cost

about half of the core 10 samples of HIL technology evolution center can be successful. It is a system composed of a variety of the most advanced HIL/SIL technologies provided by multiple suppliers. Bloom and Ni engineers can use the system together with customers for real-time cooperation, and use COTS technology and customers to conduct interoperability and integration tests with components, models and simulations of a new impact testing machine that can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact. We can customize this system to replicate various customer configurations, from fixed wing or rotorcraft to unmanned underwater vehicles. This flexibility is critical to Bloom's customers, enabling their systems to adopt new technologies to improve fidelity, simplify workflow and interact with digital Twins - all key initiatives for model-based systems engineering (mbse) and digital transformation. The center also enables bloom to fulfill long-term service agreements based on customer life cycle and uptime requirements

peter Blume, President and founder of bloom, said: our customers are facing many challenges in maximizing the use of existing test assets, including digital transformation, interoperability, obsolescence and experts facing retirement. They not only want to obtain the latest and best COTS technology and advantages, but also need long-term stability, uptime, maintenance and support. HIL technology evolution center is the only laboratory of its kind that can enable companies in the aerospace and defense industries to benefit from the latest cots testing technology in a controllable environment, and ensure long-term supportability and stability. This unique support to bloom and Ni customers demonstrates our shared commitment to the long-term success of our customers

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