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Blockchain 3.0 breaks the single blockchain, ecological order introduces the artificial intelligence module

blockchain 3.0 breaks the single blockchain, ecological order introduces the artificial intelligence module

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original title: blockchain 3.0 breaks the single blockchain, ecological order introduces the artificial intelligence module

blockchain 3.0 consensus has now become the technical consensus of the whole staff. In such a technological highland, Naturally, the technologies that can help blockchain 3.0 go into the future are not limited to blockchain technology itself. In the early days, according to the information provided by ducere, col ecological technology has embarked on the road of technology integration, including the two technology pedigrees of blockchain and artificial intelligence into the consensus system of blockchain 3.0

"we basically don't pick up plastic bags. In fact, in order to meet the different needs of different application scenarios, the blockchain technology needs to be highly flexible. Therefore, the concept of modularity has emerged. Modularity means that different functional modules in the blockchain are packaged separately and combined in a more flexible way, which is called a" more flexible "combination method, Because these functional modules can be simply added, deleted and replaced without affecting the use and operation of other modules

ecol ecological order is to provide rich modular components on this powerful basic main chain, just like assembling CPU, hard disk, memory and motherboard into a computer. Users can freely choose the modules of consensus, storage, contract, arbitration, account system, anonymous policy and permission, and assemble them into a side chain suitable for their own needs. Side chain a customizable blockchain infrastructure is not limited to public chain, but also can be private chain or alliance chain

among many functional modules, there is a very important module, that is, the artificial intelligence module. Because the blockchain technology is based on the consensus that each node of the network does not need mutual trust, when upgrading the bottom layer, each node must vote because of mutual distrust, and the voting orientation of nodes is often far from professionalism. Therefore, for all blockchain networks, Technology upgrading iterations are very troublesome and difficult to carry out smoothly

in this regard, ecol ecological orders to add artificial intelligence modules to the basic function modules of the network main chain. Artificial intelligence special engineering plastics will be a highlight in the meeting. The modules will observe the changes in the network, learn from and grow from the packaging and broadcasting, the addition and deletion of modules, the production of side chains, and the solution of problems in the network, simulate various situations and handle them by themselves, Finally, it will grow into a professional and fair product with a cost of nearly 90% lower than that of traditional materials. The "blockchain network artificial intelligence expert" can achieve mutual trust by trusting artificial intelligence, and solve the problems of low efficiency caused by the congenital lack of mutual trust between nodes

however, the growth of artificial intelligence needs time. Only a large enough data set can cultivate enough professional, reliable and fair artificial intelligence. With the help of the basic structure of ecol ecological order, AI will partially replace the work originally completed by nodes and individuals in a more professional and fair manner by coordinating all modules, leading blockchain 3.0 to adapt to ecological changes and complete further evolution

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