The hottest blue sky, white clouds and double rain

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At this stage, it is particularly necessary to stop following the trend to hype the large market of rain weather forecasting instruments

with the arrival of high-temperature weather in summer, thunderstorms have been frequent in many areas of China recently, and the sudden approaching rainstorm is easy to affect people's production and life. How to actively deal with sudden bad weather and do a good job in prevention and control has become the primary task of meteorological work

since ancient times, people have used various means to study weather changes. Until the 1960s, with the emergence of meteorological satellites and related measurement technologies, the field of meteorological prediction has made great progress. With the development of meteorological technology and business, the observation technology tends to be more and more automated, intelligent and comprehensive, and the observation content is becoming more and more abundant. Next, we have sorted out several types of commonly used meteorological prediction instruments

lightning locator is a meteorological detection instrument for monitoring lightning occurrence. It is an automatic detection equipment for telemetering lightning discharge parameters by using the characteristics of lightning sound, light and electromagnetic field. The instrument sends the pretreated lightning data to the central data processing station through the communication system for real-time intersection processing. It can operate all-weather, long-term and continuously, and record the time, location, intensity and polarity of lightning

the wind speed detector adopts high-performance wind speed sensor and microcomputer detection controller of the whole machine, which can monitor and display the change of measured wind speed at the same time. The wind speed detector has stable and reliable performance, high sensitivity and precision, and can work in the harsh environment in the field for a long time

the laser cloud height meter adopts the method of irradiating the cloud body with a set of special tools for excitation 9. By measuring the time from laser emission to reception, the distance of reflection points in the cloud can be calculated, and then the cloud amount can be determined. The instrument adopts an advanced single lens design and also shows excellent performance in low altitude atmosphere. It can not only detect and analyze the data of the three-layer cloud, Jean Floyd, CEO of stratolaunch systems, who also showed good performance in vertical visibility detection during precipitation, said: "this is the first aircraft of its kind.

micro pulse laser radar (MPL) It can be used for quantitative analysis of the vertical distribution of aerosols and clouds. The specific capacitance is as high as 480f/g. It has the advantages of stable performance, simple structure, easy to move, accurate detection data, and eye safety. It is widely used in atmospheric environment monitoring, haze early warning and other fields

multifunctional meteorological observer is a meteorological observation system used to observe weather. It is composed of scattering visibility meter, precipitation detection system sensor, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and other sensors. It can observe temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, visibility, etc

the sounding balloon is a device that carries the radiosonde to high altitude. During the rising process, the radiosonde instrument can measure the temperature, air pressure, air humidity and other meteorological data at different altitudes, longitudes and latitudes, and send them back to the ground through radio signals, so as to obtain the meteorological element values in the air. In addition, the high-altitude wind direction and speed can be calculated by the balloon carrying theodolite or tracking the balloon track on the ground

after years of development, meteorological observation instruments have formed a certain scale, and relevant technologies have been able to realize meteorological observation from the ground to the high level, from the local to the global. Meteorological prediction is of great significance to the development of social economy and people's daily life

I would also like to remind you that July is a high incidence period of severe convective weather, with more thunderstorms and strong typhoon landing intensity in the later period. Public travel should pay close attention to the weather forecast and travel suggestions issued by the authority of the meteorological department, and pay special attention to the prevention of rainstorm, typhoon, strong convection and other disastrous weather and secondary disasters

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