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Lanxun announced the Xinrun equity subscription and capital increase agreement

launching the largest data center cluster in Beijing and China's first Internet switching center

ctiforum on December 7 (Liwenjie): Lanxun International Holdings Co., Ltd. (Lanxun or the company), a provider of overall Internet transmission solutions and application delivery services in China, announced today that, It has signed an agreement with its subsidiary Lanxun Xinrun Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Xinrun) to sell 60% of the equity interests of Xinrun to three investors, with a total price of RMB 375million. Xinrun owns and operates blue flood's Shouming cloud data center (Shouming), and will build China's first Internet switching center

according to the agreement, Tianjin Shuishan Technology Co., Ltd., CIC Bao (Beijing) investment fund Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Dingsheng Zhida Technology Co., Ltd. will respectively subscribe for 36%, 22% and 2% of the equity interests after Xinrun investment, with a total price of RMB 225million, RMB 137.5 million and RMB 12.5 million respectively. After the completion of the transaction, Lanxun will hold 40% of the equity of Xinrun through its subsidiaries, and will no longer consolidate the statements of Xinrun and its subsidiaries. After the completion of this transaction, Lanxun may recognize the investment income in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States

meanwhile, Lanxun will not carry out data center business competing with Xinrun until Xinrun completes its IPO

Shouming is located in Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, Shunyi, Beijing. After completion, it will have 15000 cabinets and is expected to become the largest t3+ International Data Center cluster in Beijing. Shouming provides more than 80000 square meters of customer space, with ten data centers and one interconnected switching center. The interconnection and switching center will become the first interconnection and switching center in China, serving China's interconnection industry,

providing effective interconnection and peer-to-peer interconnection and interworking services through world-class technology, and has a private PBL backbone that runs through major cities from Beijing to Hangzhou

it is an important milestone for Lanxun to obtain the support of investors and formally plan to launch the largest data center cluster in Beijing and the first Internet switching center in China. Wang song, the founder, chairman and CEO of Lanxun, said that the rapid development of China's Internet industry has brought huge demand for cloud services and big data, which in turn requires more data storage space and more perfect Internet infrastructure. By integrating our huge content distribution network and profound scientific and technological resources, Shouming international data center and Internet Exchange Center will help Lanxun establish a complete ecosystem and comprehensive service platform. Now we will be able to provide comprehensive solutions to Internet service providers, content providers, cloud service providers and enterprises

we believe that the structure of this transaction provides a clear and definite valuation for Xinrun, and will significantly improve our shareholder value. We look forward to continuing to expand into relevant fields. At the same time, we will introduce the operating procedures and functional features of 1 simply supported beam impact testing machine in detail in China and make further contributions to the interconnection infrastructure. Wang Song concluded

Mr. Wang Song owns Tianjin Metasequoia Technology Co., Ltd. he is also the chairman of Lanxun's board of directors and a more reliable CEO. Mr. Wang song, the quality inspector of the friction and wear testing machine, will obtain a loan from Zhongtou Bao (especially GB 4806.1 ⑵ 016 national food safety standard - General safety requirements for food contact materials and products - Beijing) investment fund Co., Ltd. for this investment

the completion of this transaction will depend on customary closing conditions, including obtaining necessary government approvals. This transaction has been approved by the audit committee of Lanxun's board of directors

Company Profile:

Lanxun, founded in 1998, is a professional CDN service provider, providing customers with all-round solutions for rapid distribution of network content. At present, Lanxun has service nodes in many cities across the country, covering major operators such as Chinatelecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and China Education and scientific research

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