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Blue light prices are under pressure, and the prospect of mini LED of Jingdian is carefree.

led chip leading factory Jingdian is full of expectations for the performance injection of mini led in the second half of the year, but foreign capital has poured cold water on it. It is expected that the new business includes Mini led and VCSEL (surface emitting laser) with limited operational contribution. In addition, Blu ray prices are under pressure this year after the new MOCVD capacity was launched last year. Foreign capital keeps the price of crystal power at 24 yuan

foreign investors pointed out that in the fourth quarter of last year, the firmness of the glass weaving dimension and other data experiments of Jingdian faced the situation of price erosion. In the first quarter of this year, due to the off-season effect and the decline of revenue, the profit will continue to decrease, and the operating pressure may further increase in the second quarter. It is expected that Jingdian will regularly clean the machine and electricity. What you are looking for is not that the manufacturer will face profit decline in the first half of this year

the report points out that it is expected that mini LED will still be used in the niche product market this year. Although Mini LED has better display effect, such as local dimming, improving color saturation and high dynamic contrast, the cost will be increased due to the increase in the number of LEDs used. It is expected that the application end will also be limited due to cost factors; It is believed that the current market is too optimistic about the new products Mini led and VCSEL. Among them, VCSEL is expected to make a limited contribution in the early stage of product development this year because its products still need client certification

according to the foreign investment, Jingdian will still be under the pressure of Blu ray price this year. It is expected that this year, Blu ray LED will face more price pressure. This is mainly because the pricing of Blu ray LED chips in the LED industry has been reversed after China's new production capacity was opened in the second half of last year. It is expected that this year, it will begin to suffer from the pressure of price recession. As the new production capacity of Chinese competitors including San'an optoelectronics, oakson optoelectronics and so on are successively offered to strive for subsidies, it is expected that Jingdian may face greater blue light pressure

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