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Japan: blast furnaces can eat waste plastics

Japanese iron and steel enterprises have successfully tested the waste recycling system in blast furnaces. The utility model is characterized by recycling industrial waste plastics and waste plastics containing polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

it is reported that this industrial waste plastic pretreatment system includes a roughing mill, a throwing classifier, a magnetic and wind waste separator, a secondary crusher, a PVC separation and removal system, a granulator and a storage bin. The injection system is built next to the blast furnace, including a receiving funnel and an injection station. The treated waste plastic is blown into the blast furnace through an air port

pvc corrosion on blast furnace wall and other problems affect the utilization of recycled municipal waste plastics in blast furnace. A centrifugal PVC separation system developed to solve this problem can remove PVC from industrial waste plastics. The separated PVC is blown into the blast furnace after removing hydrogen chloride. A Japanese iron and steel enterprise will also set up a new research project to recover the hydrogen chloride generated from it and reuse it in the steel plant

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