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On January 13, the price index of China Plastics City fell 6.03 points to 754.5 points, and the spot index of China Plastics rose 0.07 points to 881.35 points

I. upstream express:

crude oil futures prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell for the fifth consecutive trading day on Monday. At a time of continued economic turmoil, the rise in short-term supply made demand appear increasingly weak. The settlement price of crude oil futures fell $3.24, or 7.9%, to $37.59 a barrel, the lowest since December 24, and was not affected by rumors that the organization of petroleum exporting countries may consider reducing production again. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures in February on the ice exchange fell $1.51 to $42.91 a barrel. Goldman Sachs analysts said that oil inventories in major industrialized countries are decreasing, and energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal is rising, depressing oil market prices. It is expected that the average oil price will fall to $30/barrel in the first quarter

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Yanshan stone converts PP to S1003 internationally. Due to insufficient propylene, the load is currently 50%; Dimer production 4220; Trimer k7726

Maoming Petrochemical PP plant line 1 produces T30S, and line 2 is converted from n-f280m to ep3t56f-h

Yangzi Petrochemical PP plant currently produces F401 in line a, j340 in line B, and F1002B in the new line

the listing price of the latest drawing T30S of Tianjin United PP today is 7200 yuan/ton, and the listing price of copolymerized EPS30R is 7200 yuan/ton

III. local market conditions:

the PP market in China plastic city has a poor performance, weak transactions, and the market is declining in shock. At present, all parties in the market are not enthusiastic about trading. Due to various reasons, the operating rate of downstream factories continues to be low, and only a small amount of procurement is used to maintain production; Although traders have few spot resources, they generally lack confidence in the future market due to slow shipments. At present, the mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing/injection plastic is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of domestic copolymer is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of imported copolymer is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of monofilament powder is 7300 yuan/ton

the PP market in Nanjing has little fluctuation. Affected by the decline in oil prices, buyers wait and see; The mainstream quotation of F401 is yuan/ton, and the low-end transaction is acceptable; There are few resources of copolymers, j340 resources increase, the mainstream quotation is yuan/ton, and the low-end transaction is smooth. Businesses are bearish on the aftermarket, mainly shipping

the PP market in Guangzhou is flat, there are few business resources, and the quotation mainstream is stable. Although the impact resistance of the impact testing machine is very strong, the wiredrawing quotation still rises slightly. The mainstream of Maoming nt30s is reported at 7600 yuan/ton, the mainstream of Dalian T30S is reported at 7600 yuan/ton, and the injection molding v30g is reported at 7550 yuan/ton; Copolymer EPC30R-H is reported as 7450 yuan/ton, and EPS30R is reported as 7450 yuan/ton

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