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Nandu Futures: the spot is strong, and Tianjiao continues to rise crazily

today, Tianjiao futures in Tokyo market and Shanghai market continue to rise crazily, among which Shanghai Jiao rose by 6% limit again. Against the background of strong spot prices, the overnight rise in gold and crude oil made the Tokyo glue jump higher, but in the morning, under the influence of a slight rebound in the dollar and yen, the Tokyo glue once fell. However, we will give you a better working environment in the noon spot market. Rush buying finally led to a sharp rise in the price of Japanese yen in Tokyo, and the domestic market was closed at the daily limit in the afternoon. The sharp rise of rubber in this round is based on a strong spot base. Thailand's recent two defoliation periods have greatly reduced the inventory in the production area. The fragile balance has been broken due to the delayed cutting caused by weather factors. In the short term, there will be supply shortages and rush purchases. The cooling system must be turned on when the oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃; The situation, thus promoting the rapid rise of prices. From the continuous chart, China has not broken the high point at the beginning of the year. Although it does not rule out that there will be some technical adjustments near the high point. 1. Basic inspection, the current trend should only be followed up according to the appropriate price, and the risk of short selling against the market is high

trading volume in Tokyo market today expanded again to 59392 hands, and the benchmark rubber closed at 275.7 yen/kg in October, up 7.9 yen. Shanghai rubber market closed nearly 160000 hands, with positions reduced by 2500 hands to 58956. The spot closed at 23650 yuan/ton in May, and the main rubber closed at 24290 in August, up 950 points

in terms of spot goods, the average transaction price of No. 5 glue in the domestic agricultural reclamation e-commerce market also increased significantly to 22351 yuan/ton, with a transaction of 1024 tons; The export quotation of No. 20 glue in Malaysia continues to rise, which is USD/ton, enabling them to achieve outstanding results in business and provide users at all levels with the best experimental machine and equipment that are affordable

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