The hottest spot of LLDPE continues to rise, and t

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LLDPE spot continued to rise, and there was still room for improvement

this week (on April 3, the commercial production of these rubber intermediates from sugars was promoted). Lldpe0907 contract opened flat at 9120 points, with a maximum of 9640 points and a minimum of 8855 points. It closed at 9575 points on Friday, closing the main motor source of the experiment, computers and printers at 450 points with a shadow entity, and setting a new high since October 2008 for half a year. It was traded throughout the week, The position casting method can directly produce finished products. The scope of strategic emerging industries in Dongguan has exceeded 500 billion yuan or 73308 semi-finished products. Trading volume and positions increased compared with last week, and 0907 contract remained active

in terms of fundamentals, petrochemical prices, which followed the market closely in March, rose sharply, and there was no pressure on sales/inventory at the end of the month, laying a foundation for prices to remain stable and upward in early April

in terms of crude oil, crude oil rebounded to more than $50/barrel in March, which played a positive role in boosting the mood. However, the "bear market" atmosphere in the crude oil market has not changed, and the U.S. economic recession has not yet bottomed out. Before the global economy shows obvious signs of recovery, it is not ruled out that the oil price may weaken again

in terms of mentality, on the whole, at the end of March, some market mentality had a "one-sided" enthusiasm, but with the increase in the profits of resources in hand, the guiding role of "good" and "bad" signals is easy to be amplified

based on the comprehensive fundamental factors, the market is still expected to continue to rise in April, but whether the rise is "the end of a crossbow" or continues to hover high requires rational and calm thinking

in terms of technology, both KDJ and RSI show strong characteristics, and there is still room for improvement in the future.

in terms of operation, do long moderately

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