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On March 8, in order to enrich the cultural life of female employees, promote the physical and mental health of female employees, and strengthen the communication and exchange between female employees, Tietuo machinery trade union specially organized all parts of the company and also issued regulations related to golf corruption. Female employees carry out spring outings to let them celebrate their own festivals with joy. There is an introduction day for architectural experts, so that they can enjoy the unique rights of the festival

the labor union of tietuo machinery organized the spring outing of the "March 8th" women's Day

this "March 8th" women's Day activity, tietuo machinery organized the female employees of the company to visit the beautiful Yongchun Folk Song Town and chuanshanyan ecological park. In the ten thousand mu tea garden, green tea spits green and green grass sprouts. Everyone walks out of the usual noise and flashiness, takes off the serious tension in work, faces the steep spring breeze, enters the embrace of nature, chases after each other, walks around the town, and talks about their own topics. The beauty of mountains and waters is more beautiful, and the laughter spreads all the way, and has a happy festival

in the future work, the women workers' Union of tietuo machinery will work harder and continue to make more contributions to the company in their own positions

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