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American Dow vinyl chloride acid vinyl resin printing application is good

vinyl chloride resin can be used in the field of ink and flexible packaging. The vinyl chloride of Dow Chemical Company of the United States knows how to disassemble the acid vinyl resin as long as it learns to install. It has good adhesion on the printing film and can maintain the original printing color after sterilization, which is highly recognized by the industry. In the industry of ink and strain lack of packaging, manufacturers have been committed to improving product quality and performance, and strive to provide customers with high-quality printing and packaging solutions to meet customer needs. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that new technologies and new raw materials are constantly being developed to meet the needs of printers and end users

Dow Chemical's products have mature technologies with many advantages that should be clear on all kinds of signs on the 8.10 experimental machine. However, while looking for new technologies, they cannot ignore the great potential of mature technologies, and their products can meet the current and improve the current and future packaging application requirements. Experts from China epoxy resin industry association emphasized: take the vinyl chloride vinyl acetate resin produced by Dow Chemical as an example: this resin has been safely used in the packaging of direct contact with food for decades. It is mainly used in aluminum foil cover coating on yogurt boxes, drug blister packaging, digestable packaging bags and aluminum foil paper. Automobile manufacturers are looking for plastic material heat sealing adhesive with high heat resistance and high cooling capacity; It is also used in printing inks on flexible packaging films, vinyl sheets and vinyl base plates; Other uses are as varnish on synthetic leather and metallized film. The prepared vinyl ink can be used by concave, silk, inkjet printing and heat transfer printing

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