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Tietuo machinery customizes asphalt mixing equipment for Malaysian customers

tietuo machinery customizes asphalt mixing equipment for Malaysian customers

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after years of unremitting efforts, the export volume of tietuo machinery asphalt mixture mixing equipment continues to increase, and after surface treatment, it has achieved double-digit growth for many consecutive years. The popularity of TTM brand in the international market is constantly improving

tietuo machinery bag SMA fiber material automatic delivery device

recently, when signing the equipment procurement contract with Malaysian customers, the customers proposed that their project has very high requirements for asphalt mixture 1 to establish a monitoring and analysis system and mixing process. During the mixing process, a kind of bagged SMA imported from the United States needs to be put into the mixing tank, and it must be automatically delivered to the mixing tank through mechanical equipment. This special requirement is rarely encountered in China. In order to better serve customers and constantly challenge itself, tietuo machinery organized technicians to customize a set of automatic delivery device for bagged SMA fiber materials for customers. At present, this device has been tested in the test field

when talking with the customer, the marketing personnel of tietuo machinery learned that the customer's fibers are all blocks and should be free of damage and cracks. If the conventional manual feeding method is adopted, it is likely to be less or more due to the negligence of personnel. Obviously, the ordinary manual feeding method of fiber materials can not meet the customer's requirements. Through continuous communication with customers, we deeply understand the special needs of customers for asphalt mixing equipment. The engineers of the technology research and development center have redesigned and continuously improved the original equipment, and customized the asphalt mixture mixing equipment equipped with the automatic delivery device of SMA fiber materials for customers. Through the automatic delivery of SMA FIBER materials, the probability of manual contact is greatly reduced, and the common probability of more or less delivery is reduced to zero, The quality of the mixture is guaranteed, and the manual working environment is improved at the same time

with the continuous development of highway construction, the requirements for road pavement are higher and higher, and then the requirements for asphalt mixing equipment are higher and higher. "Creating the greatest value for customers" is the mission of tietuo machinery. We have always kept our mission and in mind, deeply understood the various needs of customers for asphalt mixing equipment, made continuous efforts to reform and innovate, and tried our best to meet the various needs of high-end customers at home and abroad

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