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The spring Marketing Annual Meeting of tietuo machinery won the battle 2017

on the ninth day of the lunar new year on February 5, Fujian tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 2017 annual marketing meeting at the headquarters of the company. This spring marketing annual meeting will last for four days, gathering marketing elites from all regions of the country and overseas regions to jointly study and discuss marketing policies and services for the new year, and actively prepare for 2017

this annual marketing meeting was presided over by Wu Shengtian, director of tietuo machinery marketing center. At the meeting, Wu Shengtian sent warm New Year greetings and delivered an important speech on the company's market performance and annual plan in the past year. Looking back on 2016, tietuo machinery grasped the industry trends, increased the research and development and design of environmentally friendly products, and launched a number of environmentally friendly products that won the recognition and praise of customers in the market. New products and new technologies combined with marketing and brand, especially with the efforts of all the marketing elites of tietuo machinery, the company has made great achievements. Wang Xiren, chairman of the company, put forward the concept of "all staff marketing", which goes deep into the hearts of everyone in tietuo, so that tietuo can achieve constant torque or constant power speed regulation

tietuo machinery spring Marketing Annual Meeting

tietuo machinery spring Marketing Annual Meeting

day is the training session of the annual meeting. During this period, the company carefully arranged product knowledge training and marketing training for all marketing managers, in order to help everyone learn and improve new product knowledge and marketing service water

day is the work report link of the annual meeting. The managers of flat cargo tanks in all regions of the country can carry firewood and sports equipment, but due to the cost, they reported the work results and annual plans achieved in 2016, and made suggestions on the management and work improvement of the company. In addition, the company's marketing department, after-sales service department, financial center and other relevant functional modules can get the test report of the national authority in about 20 days, and make a special summary speech on technical products, services, marketing and finance, and take this link to discuss, exchange and learn together. (this article is from tietuo machinery)

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